The Darkness Of Me

Deep inside me there is a darkness,
A Darkness I can’t explain.
Deep inside my dark heart
There is joy and there is pain.
How do I love some one so much i feel pain?

I am a social outcast
Hated by most.
Should I feel bad?
Should I hang my head in shame?

It is great
Having not a soul to tell me what to do.
I am a trouble maker
And I don’t do as I’m told.
But I am happier than ever,
With my torn soul.

My soul is black,
And my heart is cold,
And I am damned to hell,
Being ripped apart by the darkness that eats me.
Is this how I wish to live?

By @}- ~Black-Rose~

my life has taken a complete turnaround since i found myself as a goth/punk. most think its for worse. but as i sit here writing this i feel as if it is for the best.i may be a social outcast but i am happy deeply, not just on the surface.