The Day that didn’t exsist (true story)

The dizziness was kicking in and when I looked into his eyes I knew I shouldn’t have taken that extra sleeping pill. But that day I was feeling down and ugly, so I figured, why not. Your cute little cousin was staring at me in a way that seemed as if he was asking “What’s wrong?”, but his 2yr. old lips didn’t know how to form the words.

So I fell asleep.
A deep sleep that I hoped I wouldn’t wake up from…but…I did. And ’till this day I’m wishing that I would’ve never woken up. I heard a noise that stirred me from my slumber. It was you; I could feel your cold lips kissing my shoulder and whispering things in my ear. ” You’re beautiful”, you said and I shuddered with my eyes still closed. I was nauseus and felt heavy due to an overdose of medication. I looked at you, alarmed, “Shhh….I won’t hurt you.” And you slipped off my pants. I couldn’t believe this was happening…you out of all people. “Please don’t….”, I pleaded warm tears filling my eyes. But you didn’t hear me; you’re tongue was circling my thigh and I was so scared. You put one cold finger inside of me, then two and I was hurting so bad I thought I was going to puke right there. ” STop…!” I said. This time you heard me and punched me in the face. “Shut the Fuck up and spread your legs!!! Bitch, stop acting like you don’t want me!!” This was a side of you I had never seen and I refused your command. So I earned a slap and you forced my legs open. “You ready baby?” and you kissed me on the forehead while I whimpered. Then you shoved yourself inside of me, ripping my innocense and hope to shreds along with my hymen. It hurt, it hurt so damn bad and you did such a good job at ignoring my pleas. You grunted and I knew you were done. You got up and left me lying there, with tears and blood adorning my face. Your baby cousin looked at me and smiled, he said he was hungry. So I got up, gave him some food,and went to smoke a cigarrette in the hallway.
** Note**
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