the day you left me

The day u left me
There iz a day
that u left me alone
i dont like to be left alone and

on taht day somethin
happend to me that day
day i died
alone in the dark,
in a dusty conner,
curlled up and hatin
the world around me
now i haunt you
till u realize that
im gone from ya
life and find out
that im dead in
the dark,
all alone,
in the dusty conner,
left to hate the
world of every thing….
now im gone u dont even
care that im gone
and watch you from above
ane movin on with out me
i see u cry when u r alone
wishin u were with me here
all alone… in the dark… dead…

By ghost ridder

lost n alone in this place taht they call reality her with my boyfriend he is all that matters to me