The Dream

The blood was everywhere. It flowed around her body. The darkness was infinite, and the blood was never ending. Its energy flowed, in tendrils, inviting her to play. She lifted her arm to reach out for the tendrils of blood, but she couldn’t move. Fear gripped her body, and she began to struggle against the force holding her. Fighting to free her, she pushed and pulled, but it was futile. She was falling, falling into the abyss, the darkness, to the end. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her body fought to stay alive. The darkness was almost final; soon there would be nothing. Her last strength was being consumed, her head was swimming, drunk with fear. In the final moment, she let out all her strength in one burst. There it was, her arms floating freely beside her. The bloody tendrils that had been holding her stretched between arm and body. Gasping for air she coughed, and choked on the profusion of blood she had consumed. Sitting now, she looked up for some means of escape, but she was surrounded by nothingness. Standing up, she gazed upwards; she saw a line of grey, and the bloody tendrils squirming through. They were moving to consume her again. Spreading her arms, the tendrils of blood between arm and body stretched out, and she screamed to the nothingness….
That’s when she woke up.