the dream master

i was laying in my bed the other night, and i started thinking of all of the crazy, wild, and sometimes gruesome dreams that i’ve had in the past, and i began to wonder, where dreams come from. i know that they stem from your subconcious mind, and dreaming is a way to release all your inner emotions that are locked away in your subconcious, but i couldn’t help but wonder.

what if we, this world, the stars, the moon, the sun, heaven, hell, and all that we have come to know as true, are just some higher beings dream? i’m not talking about god, or the devil, i’m talking about some magical, mystical giant who is just sleeping and dreaming of our world. just laying there dreaming all of this craziness up. what if our whole lives, which are years to us, is actually just some more powerful beings three hour nap? is it possible? maybe? anythings possible. i just wanted some feedback on this, and i would welcome any e-mails, or your thoughts on the subject.

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  1. That’s certainly a very intriguing way to look at it. I’ve surely never thought of that.

    I do love the theory you present though. It’s kind of humorous and a little frightening as well, thinking we’re just a dream? But I guess the same could be said of some religions’ ideas that we’ve been created as an experiment.

    You’ve certainly presented some food for thought.


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