The Drug, Kingdom of Pain

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It could have been mistaken as a lush forest thick with mist that clung even to the tiniest pine needle; the gray that hung about the city clouding it so, was merely another one of it’s dark storms. The sky was old and heavy with rain. When the clouds would burst the liquid that fell would cover the genetically created trees, the only thing that could grow in such a world as this, and the red of it would trickle slowly, thickly down the black crevices of it’s bark.

In the past there had been water, a crystal clear substance like diamonds or glass, and cascaded from the sky, or filled the rivers, seas, and ponds, but now it was just blood. After a great war between human and dragon there had been so much blood that no water was left untouched by it’s stain. After the last loyal dragon had died a curse had been put on the world that was where
Rheynne ruled. That never would it’s purest substance be left clean. Water was that substance and because it was tainted many things died. Only the genetically mutated survived.

Humans were the first to start perishing. Only after crops died and food became so scarce that it was like the Holocaust of WWII and brother was fighting against brother for one piece of bread, did the human race realize that it might be the end of it’s existence. One by one they dropped slow until a woman by the name of Silvia of foreign decent created a drug. The drug was a liquid that could be drunk or injected into the vein of a human. It made it possible for humans, who were in belief, meant to be herbivores, to actually have their bodies adapted to become carnivores. The drug, by blood contact, caused the receiver to go through a rather painful procedure of have their intestines shrunk. This made it possible for humans to survive off of the blood liquid that fell from the sky and replaced their water source. The blood held enough nutrients that it was a better source of energy for humans. Only a vile of it was required daily to survive instead of the past three meals of food a day.

Most carnivores survived the switch because they had the blood to live off of which was the consistent of their main dietary habits anyways, but the herbivores were the ones dying. So a small group of animal freaks got together and with a bunch of money pain this Silvia girl to create another form of that kind of drug that could be thrown into the remaining green food sources. The drug was made, but to no avail, there were just some creatures that were not meant to live on the planet. You couldn’t shrink a horse’s intestine. It just wasn’t done. They died, so many animals did. After that last effort, many of the animal freaks couldn’t forgive themselves a mass suicide event occurred because of their pain for putting the remaining animals into misery.

The idea of genetically mutating the remaining plants was abandoned soon because there was no way to create a plant that could live without nourishing soil and water. The only kind of plant that was able to be genetically mutated was the tree, and what was left of them was not something that actually grew through the process of photogenes but a kind of living crystal, and it’s petrified bark contained pours, as the inside the tree had small canals that served as veins. The blood would rush through them like white water rapids and bust a hole through the end of each of the smallest branches, causing it to grow. Whatever the blood picked up on it’s way through the veins changed it’s molecular construction so that when it reached air it would freeze, the holes at the end of the branches served as portals for fountains and the fountain of blood that escaped would immediately freeze into points creating the next section of the tree.

So even as the liquid blood fell from the sky and slunk along the ravines of the trunk it would be sucked happily gargling like a bubbling brook through the black rock into the canals of the ebony tree, which stood just next to the entrance of Rheynne’s castle. Two gorgeous trees dripping velvet red drops off their spiny tipped branches onto the footpath, added only to the dismal castle scene where a girl stood behind a large window. A robe of see through white translucently gliding over her almost flawless body to flush upon the floor where it spread like octopus legs around her pasty feet. She was gazing with unseeing sleek, silver eyes out at the storm; a sorrow filled them so drenching it could have out weighted the clouds pregnant with blood. Terra not knowing what to do, lost in her own labyrinth of thought, bit at her lower lip and stared vacantly at a playground a far distance away. (No children ever have time to play anymore. So much fear of the one who lies as if death ensnared upon the floor in her thrown room, the parents desperately trying to cram enough survival skills into their small heads so that they live past he dawn of their ninth year. That was when Rheynne thought their innocence gone. After ninth…)

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.