“The Duality of Existence”

I lie in quiet fascination of this sleeping body beside me. Our breath flowing in practiced rhythm to the drum roll of our heartbeats. My senses fill with that indescribable yet all too familiar scent. I still remember. My hand laid across her skin, feeling her warm life beneath my calloused fingers. I clench her tight against myself as if she may slip away at any moment. Please God no. I will treasure this eternal moment, for I may never have another.

Tonight, I will sing myself to sleep with a requiem of gunfire as images of bullets fly through my head. She has stolen all the color of this world, and I weep, for all that my eyes now see is grey. Does it make me weak or strong to destroy myself for one who does feel, who does not care? My burden, my cross. I am left alone and hollow, my tower razed and crumbled. Who will save me? Who will save me from myself? Each new day that my eyes open… is a tragedy. May there never be another. Goodnight.

By Mannequin

Flawed by nurture, not by nature.