The Echoes in my Head

It’s 12:03 am and I wake up, screaming to the top of my lungs. I just had a really horrible dream. Luckily no one was home to rush in my room saying, “Angelica, Angelica! What’s wrong?! It was only a dream! It’s okay!” like they really give a shit!

Anyways, back to my dream. It was me, y cousin, Manuel, my boyfriend, Miguel, and my boyfriend’s cousin, Vanessa. We were driving along, having a great time, not a care in the world, when suddenly a huge red 18-wheeler ran the stop sign on our left and struck us. That’s when I woke up. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. I just lied in my bed, thinking about that dream. When I decided to get my ass out of bed and get dress, it was about 12:00. I went out into th living room and watched TV for a while when suddenly my cousin, Manuel walked in with Miguel following in behind him. I walked over to the door, and Miguel greeted me with a small kiss on the lips. He handed me a note and he told me to read it later. I shoved it in my pocket before my VERY inmature cousin grabbed it from me and started reading it outloud, like an asshole. We only sat around watching TV while Manuel was trying to get into some guys page, because he pissed him off. I was pretty much doing the same thing before they got here, but with them here, it just semed like so much more fun. After a while, Manuel gets off the computer and annonces he has to go back to Cancun, Mexico for some “bussiness” (probably some drug thing!) and wanted to know if me and Miguel would like to come along again. We both agreeded and Manuel said that they would be leaving that night. I was so physced to be running away with the three people (Miguel, Manuel, and Miguel’s cousin, Vanessa) I loved most in the world…again! The truth is, all four of us had run away to Cancun about a week eairler. At about 6:30 that evening, I started to pack. My mom came into my room, sayin she just got off the phone with someone from the hospital, saying that my aunt was there, and she requested to see me. I called Manuel that I couldn’t come. “Aw! That’s too bad! It won’t be the same without you!”, he said. They ofcourse still went, while I was stuck going to the hospital. There someting that creeps me out about going to the hospital. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s just the thought that I’m going to a place were there are a whole crap load of sick and dying poeple that just gives me the goosebumps. When I walked into her oom, she was lying on her bed with her eyes shut, and she had alook and her face as if she was trying hard not to laugh. She was probablyjust lieing there, trying toplay a joke on us; she seem to like doing that. My mom stood over her, and then my aunt just opened her eyes really wide and my mom freaked out! “I, Yolanda! I hate it when you play those tricks on me!”, my mom said to her. “Mi sobrina! Come here and give tu tia a hug!”, she said as she held out her hands to me. I ran over to her and gave her a hug. She explained to me what had happened. She said as he was rushing out to her carpool, she fell on the stairs and banged her head on the banister. A guy who is part of her carpool came in to see what was taking her so long, and he’s who found her unconsince on the floor, “You dork! I can’t believe you fell down the stairs! But I’m glad you’re okay!”, I said to her as my mom walked out. “No mija! I don’t think I just fell! It felt as if someone pushed me!”, my aunt said to me. “…yea! Maybe that hit on the head was harder then I thought!” “No mija! I’m serious! As I was walking down the stairs, I felt these two cold, lifeless hands on my back and-“. She was cut off by the nurse who said it was time for us to be on our way because visiting hours were over. Onth drive home, all I can think about was what my aunt said. It was about 10 pm when I got home. My mom went to work, and was left with my stupid step-dad. He was drunk like always when my mom left. I went on the computer while that jack-ass of a person was pestering me to go to bed. He finally gave up and went to his room to pass out for the night. I stayed on the computer for a while. At about 2:00 am, got a phone call. It was a police officer saying he witnessed a car accicedent involving three people I knew, Miguel, Manuel, and Vanessa. He told me only one survived but he was in terrible condition and was rushed to a near by hospital. The other two died instantly. With him being a police officer, and being there to see, I asked him what time it happened because all I could think about atthe moment was the dream I had. “Well, when the drunk driver of the 18-wheeler struck the SUV I jotted down the time, having that be my job.” He wasslilent or a while asif he was looking trough papers to find the one he rote the time down on. “Here it is,” he finally said “it happened at aproximantly 12:03 am…”

By sociallyunloved

I'm 14...I hate the world...I don't believe in Hell, I believe this world IS Hell...what else?