the end

does anyone care that i’m confined to a chair,
no i don’t think so,
not even jenny, jon, matt, ryan, casey nor joe,
nobody understands my pain,
so why can’t they put the needle in my vain,
lets end my grief,
i can’t wait to become a fragile dead leaf,
step on me and hear the crush from heel of your shoe,
then walk away turn and watch the wind come to my relief,
as I see myself being blown away,
i know I’ll be far away from my pain,
when you release that the needle in my vein,

will soon end the my pain,
sooner or later I will be dead,
when you come visit my grave,
do no shake your head or act out in rage,
I’m better off this way,
For all those people that doubted me and treated me like shit,
You all know who you are,
If my final plan works,
I will have the last laugh,
So fuck you all and have a nice day