the end

the burnt remains of my plagued body shuddered, it wasnt supposed to be like this.
I remember how it all started, all those years ago when humanity sealed the door to saviour.
We were to confident in our own supremacy belived that nothing could bring us down. Well nothing could we brought this over ourselves, we scorched the skies for the mere profit of being able to sell false sun energy.

We thought we were invincible but we must have angered the gods with our ruthless behaviour suddenly the scorched sky turned black and the skies rained dead bodies.
The fury of the ancient ones had been awokened and the dead would no longer lie still in their graves volcanoes awakned after thousands of years slumber and earthquakes kept roaming the lands.
Then came the plague, the desease burnt your body slowly it descended out of nowhere and was over us before we had a chance to isolate the sick.
Humanity had come to an end and we knew it.
Back til where i am now.
I now know that humanity has failed but still i do not worry, i feel my body slowly dissintegrate but i am happy for finnaly death has come to remove my pain and suffering, i’m going to a better place now.
I close whats left of my eyelids and feel an inner peace i know by myself that now it will all come to end.
As my soul rips out of the body i discover that my hauntings are yet to end. The heavens are closed forever for all humans and we are all doomed to walk earth in eternal search of peace

By lostandforgotten

out of the ashes of the known world the vampires shall rise and all will be lost..... hope creates despair....despair creates darkness....darkness creates hope.....darkness and hope