The End

I feel it coming now

The end.

Where will I go?

How will we live?

All of the pain and suffering

Will soon pass by

Everyone will be gone

The world will die.

Our futures are now the past

Feelings I thought would never last

Fear is running through my veins

For I will miss the pain.

Did it have to end this way?

Once reality hits, it all ends

Love only lasts a moment

Emotion dissipates within.

Searching for happiness

Only to find nothing

But, if we weren’t searching for something

Then why would we want to live?

For we never find true happiness

The world is only fucked up

And were put here hopeless

With no one to look to.

Some look to God

Others aren’t believers

When it finally ends

What will we all do?

Will there be fear,

Hell on earth,

Or will mankind just die

And allow nature to live on?

When man leaves this earth

Nature will keep living,

The trees will keep growing,

The birds will keep singing,

And life on earth will find bliss.

The only one stopping the world from happiness is mankind itself.

As mankind keeps forcing government down our throats,

There will never be peace…

If one wanted world peace on earth then why are we fighting?

Killing innocent children,

That just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is no peace in fighting.

Bloodshed only shows weakness.

War is cowardly and pointless,

Making this world a total mess.

World peace my ass!

As the world ends

We prepare ourselves for death

Praying that we will go some place better

Inside hoping that hell doesn’t win.

But hasn’t hell already won?

The devil possesses us to fight,

To be so careless,

And to kill the innocent.

When this hell on earth ends

Then we will finally know the answers…

Then maybe we will be happy.


As I look through this smoke ring of misery,
I wonder if you’re glancing back.
Will you soon forget?
Or will it fade away?

The rain-washes away my tears,
But the pain will always last,
Digging into my shallow sole.
Fading away.

Many regrets will haunt me,
Stories left untold.
Nothing is left for me,
As I fade away.

Reality has come,
Love has left,
I’m alone now,
Fading away.

Dreams threaten me,
Forcing the darkness upon,
Wanting only you to save me.
Alas, I fade away.

Everything has changed,
Nothing will be the same.
I am lost.
I fade away.

~This is my friend Leanne’s poem

By Asatru

My life pisses me off, so I write it down, that's all you need to know.