The End of Thy Path

Dost thou ever want to end thy path
Stray off thy flow, feel the Reaper’s Wrath
Dam the tide of thine River’s Current
Empty thy soul of all its content

Dost thou ever want to descend the ladder
Drink the unholy liquor of the adder
Thou hast been tangled in its maze of length
Strangled by the darkness of its strength

Dost thou ever want to rest in the Shadows
Escaping the Burning Strife of the Meadows
Led by thy hand to the realm of the Dark
Woken never again by the cry of the lark

Dost thou ever want to do any of this
Thy reign shall be immortilized in the realm of Dis
Thou shall stand to the left of the Unholy
The righteous position, above the lowly

Here is thy chance–the easy shot
Care not for the grave and its moldy lot
Escape the impending decay of life’s plot
Here is thy Key…Take thy Shot….

The Grim Reaper meets thee at the Door
His decaying sturcture is no more
A Hollow laugh of satirical domain
Rises out of His skeletal frame
“Hast Thou been fooled by the Easy Gain?”
“Look at Thy face…Mine is the same…”

Pain greater than ever before
Greets thee from thy inner core
As chunks of thy flesh drop to the floor
Rivers and Lakes of Blood Galore
Death is the crashing waves on the shore
No scream can rise from a throat no more
Thou are lead in to the realm of the impure
….Behind Thee Slowly Shuts The Door….

By Blessed

Born on August 20, 1983. Went through really religious period, now in a very dark one...been there ever since. Love scaring the shit out of people that expect you to be good. Read my poetry...see what a Valedictorian really has on his mind.