The end…DUN DUN DUN!

So. This is it. No more for me… And you’re wondering “What is this lunatic talking about?!”
Well.. no more computer. YOU KNOW YOU’LL MISS ME! …

I doubt it. But anyway… so yeah. You won’t see my wonderful name on the comments portion of any posts anymore. Maybe every once in a while, but I don’t think it’ll happen more than a full moon. And that’s..once a month right?

Okay. Darkness is gone. I no longer have anything to vent my everlasting frustration and neverending anger on anymore. I’m fucked. Perhaps fucked… maybe just slightly screwed at the moment… Fucked = I won’t get access to a computer till I turn 18 and get my own place. Screwed = I can use my friends computers sometimes when I go to their house.

I’m most likely screwed. So you can all shout for joy or cry because you’ll miss me(most will do the first one.. I just know it). Either way I’m gone.

So… here are my last and final good byes.

Peace. Later. Have a nice life/day. Keep your head up. Wish you the best in life. See ya.


My last post! AAHHHHH!!!


  1. aaaaaaaaaw.DAMNIT, i thought u were actually going to kill yourself.but u just cant use the computer anymore? do u really think we care? KILL YOURSELF.

  2. “insertnamehere”-you laugh at us because were different, we laugh at you because you’re all the same, Just another neo-nazi tryin his best to get noticed in a world that hates him. Get somethin better to do than hide in your computer callin puny insults to people who would snap your neck in a second, your outnumbered just go somewhere and take your own advice its not like any of us would give a shit

  3. yeah well tox it was fun while it lasted hope to hear from you soon good luck with the hole finding a computer to use thing check ya later

  4. no i didnt u stupid fuck i got it from a friend u know friends, oh wait who would be sad enough to be your friend ,fuck off and do somethin useful u pathetic asshole. And if thats the best come back u could think then you must be a real retard.

  5. p.s:your the stupid little prick who has nothing better to do than mouth off at people he doesnt know because if u did know me you’d shut your fucking trap, fuckin nazi-youth, hitler wannabe. Do us all a favour go die somewhere cos no-one cares about people with a narrow-minded attitude like yours. I bet u like to fuck small children cos they arent old enough to defend themselves and the fact that they’re undeveloped turns u on. tell your mother i want my money back she was shit.


    Okay.. I don’t want any of this pathetic arguing anymore. It’s so fucking ridiculous. If you want to fight, IM each other and post it sometime on your own submission. Otherwise just give it up.

    Yeah. Insertnamehere and notyou and killyourfamily are all assholes and they talk shit about people which they don’t know. WHO CARES?!!

    Give it up. I’m an asshole too but I choose not to show it. People need to get those fucking trees out of their asses and learn to take a joke.

    Thanks, insert. I really needed to hear that today. I’ll miss you too.

    And downward I could have done without you sticking up for me. But thanks anyway.

  7. I will miss you, Tox. You’ve helped many ppl before…including myself! Luv ya

  8. tox, i am upset that ur not killin urself like i suggested, BUT, i really like the way u cut up deaths_advocate when he was trying to make fun of notyou, so i have some respect for u, not much, but u earnedsome of my respect, and downwardcunthole, i dont give a damn wat u think, i wastn talkni to u was i?. i havent said shit about u yet, nbut now i am, so why dont u stop trying ot defend others and go get a life u weak little pansy, u couldnt pull a string out a cats ass, and yes, i am hitler, and i will castrate u with a rusty pitchfork u sorry little semen covered aspsplug. u dont know who u are ATTEMPTING to fuk with, u actually think what u say offends me? it doesnt mean shit to me, say what u want, but im higher than u on this food chain, and u have no say so in this life, so why dont u take that bottle of bleach in the washing room, and take a big gulp, then maybe u can see the fact that nobody likes u as ur eyes start to burn and u die as ur family gathers around u and laughs at u in self pitty.

  9. insertnamehere, you can’t possibly be Hitler, Hitler is DEAD. Tho, you do have some elements of his personality in you, or you pretend to.
    Anyway, if you really are Hitler, however that would work… then why are you not producing concentration camps and herding the jews into them as I type?

    *Beautiful Mess*
    *bites into bacon sandwich*

  10. its true insertnamehere,

    if i were u i’d just become the no.1 nu-nazi, but not steal a dead legends infamousy, your just hollow by nicking someone elses identy.

    still, you got my respect

  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NO NO NOOOOO!!!!!!! Intoxication…..
    …..NOOOOOOOO…..damn fuckity fuck fuck! It’s gonna suck that i won’t be seeing your posts around here anymore. Well…not as often anyway. i’m definately gonna miss them. And you! You brought up MANY good topic discussions and had many strong points. You’re one on here that has much respect from me….not that that would mean much, but your posts were ones i was eager to read along with Pollykills and (of course and definately) DoWNWaRDSPiRaL’s. i know i may not be one to speak on literacy, knowing how much my capitalization and punctuation sucks (and not to mention some of the stupidest misspelled words imaginable), it’s refreshing to see someone who took their time and had the skills to express their articles so eloquently. Thank you for all your words. You will be missed.

  12. Oh yes, and by the way…
    …”insertnamehere”, shove dicks in your ears and sneeze you shitfaced little twit. You want tox to kill herself? HA! And what makes your life so significant that you haven’t taken your own advice?

    Thank You, downwardspiral!

  13. well since we are on the topic of whos leaving and stuff well i am too i moved out of my parents house and dont have the net yet and i dontknow if or when i will be getting so im gonna try poping in every once and a while to see whats happenin but if i dont get to it was nice while it lasted see ya round

  14. “insertnamehere”- i have to say i am impressed, genuinly. i dont appreciate the fact that your a nazi but i you have earned some of my respect (wether u wanted to or not). The fucked up dark side of you which commonly rears its head, shows me that theres a side of you i like. You have a distraught imagination which i can in some respects see in myself. For the greater benifit i wish to call a truce betweens us slag off whoever the fuck else you like (cept my friends), everyones entitled to their own opinions n im not gonna argue wid u any longer u dont bother me anymore. Truce?

  15. Hehe… in light of new information that I was just given… I may have my computer for a couple more weeks. Or something like that. So…all those people who bothered to say good bye, thanks. And all those who bothered to come here and insult, thanks.. I still don’t like you though.

    So uhm.. I didn’t know people on Darkness actually respected me. Or even gave much thought to what I wrote. Most of it doesn’t make sense to me when I go back and read it. It’s strange..

    Anyhow..gotta go for now.

  16. so hungover in about seven different ways….. must raise energy… peice of shit tox die…….oh well see you later.
    (fuck i’m tired)

  17. You’re all Jewish fucking swine, you’re a bunch of subhuman scumlords who invest in Asian cock and get brutally fucked by your father… except Insertnamehere, that doesn’t apply to you. You’re cool. THE WHITE MAN MARCHES ON.

  18. PS. I forgot to abuse you, Intoxication. Instead of leaving this gay forum, why don’t you pick up a razor blade, wipe your dad’s cum off it and proceed to slash your little wrists with it and rid this world of yet another inferior dog.

  19. I hate you so much Intoxication. Everyone does.
    How much do you hate Intoxication, Insertnamehere?

  20. Should I be hurt? Maybe even the slightest bit offended?

    Nice try but no. Think of something that actually relates to me, something that is actually insulting.

    Eventually I will kill myself, but you’ll never know about it. So what’s the point in asking?

  21. jewbuttfukingwhatever,

    You seem a little too hostile for a lot too little reasons, your just like like a gang of homies on a singular freak, attacks with no reasons.

    Your inferiour apparent intellect gains no respect… but I guess I don’t know you yet man.


  22. downward, inspite of your recent remarks, im actually not here to put down everyone, im justy here to put down people who post the gay shit. and yes its true, u dag blasted kids have solved the mystery in NOT hitler……i wondetr how long it took u to figure that out?
    jewfuckingmaniak, u need to calm ur ass down, take some skittles or something..relax., i dont know wat u have against blacks, half my friends are black, and i will capture ur sorry ass and make u pick cotton for me if u continue on being a little member of the KKK.
    Oh and manlovingssweetness…… i think u should use tampons,,, they work better than big hairy dicks. i had nothin against ur sorry semen covered ass.. until now.
    seee….im tired of people saying its my fault,,,U started this one, why??? i dont know?
    must be on ur period. but u need to chill the fuk out. …oh yeh, downward, ill apply to ur truce, as long as u dont post and dumb ashit, if u do u know im gonna make fun of it.

  23. “insertnamehere” – I take back my remarks that you are cool, you are nothing but a race trading mother fucker. Go and join the NAACP.
    thicktears – Can you read? Because you obviously can’t spell my name you inferior faggot. I’m far from a gang of homies, they’re a bunch of niggers. Think before you post you fucking loser.

  24. ”’i will capture ur sorry ass and make u pick cotton for me if u continue on being a little member of the KKK”’
    your nigger friends can help you pick cotton and sell it for more drugs…
    your as bad as a jew

  25. I challenge you to a knife fight.

    I will show the rest of the world just how pathetic you really are in anything remotely hostile!
    Why are you paying out black’s?
    I got a dollar that say’s you are just a chubby little homo that is scared of his mum and call’s himself a rebel cos he said a naughty word like “shit”.

    Do you except my challenge?

  26. bluebar,,shut the fuck up, think about it, YOUR ON A COMPUTER YOU STPUID LITTLE SHIT, what are u gonna do sand him an email that says “youve ben cut”.
    think about it u dumass

  27. jewbashingmaniak, since u showed up, u think ur funny, but ur NOT, ud NOTHING, ur a waste of semen, grow up, u think because u have enough balls to go on a website and cuss people out that makes u cool????? i bet if we were all sitting in a room togather u wouldnt say that, because u know id stomp ur sorry ass into the ground, and so would everyone else on here. i had no problem with you, until u started making fun of blacks, now why dont u take ur little white cone shaped hoodie of yours put it on, come to indiana and watch me staple ur ass to a cross as all the little black children run up to you and spit on you as you burn, then after your done burning everyone in town will gather around you and piss on your ashes.

  28. see jew, u would have ben cool with me to, until u started making fun of the black race, u crossed the line.

  29. fair enough….truce. Jewbashingmaniak…..insertnamehere is right you are fucking K3 scum. I have a whole lot of black friends who are itchin to find you (i hack so im helpin them) u better hope in hell that they dont find u….i think u shoud recommend where u want your shallow grave so we can bury u with your ass stickin out so i can park my bike in it.

  30. Bluebar,jewbashingmaniak,and insertnamehere ya’ll need to get fucking lives and stop making fun of blacks. Theres a fine line between that and you all pushed it. I can already sense what jew’ll say “kill yourself” a bunch of times… try and find things that actually offend people and maybe you’ll be on your way back to fuckersville USA

  31. insertdickhere, i do use tampons….sometimes, but they do not replace big hairy dicks. i was actually gonna retract my statement. i had a look at some of your other comments. truth be told, it’s just bothering me that all these dumbfucks are goin around talking bullshit. Does anyone actually expect them to kill themselves for their idiot remarks? i’d find it funny if anyone did. Anyway, nothing against you. Sorry for the asswipe comment.

  32. If I was in a room with you I wouldn’t be afraid of some nigger loving scum such as you. The only crosses you are going to see are the ones out the front of your lawn on fire. The Klan would beat the shit out of you and your nigger friends, and the only things the little nigger kids will be doing is going to get some more welfare cheques.
    [Quote] “see jew, u would have ben cool with me to, until u started making fun of the black race, u crossed the line.”
    You crossed the line the first time you started liking niggers. I don’t want to “be cool” with a nigger lover like you.
    Huh? – Kill yourself.

  33. “insertnamehere”,
    You worthless nigger sympathizer.
    You like the hot nigger chocolate being poured down your throat?
    Feed yourself a bottle of cyanide you scamming fuck.
    People like yourself should be executed for treason against your white ancestors.

  34. HUH?

    Your a fucking idiot!
    Not once in any of my post’s did I pay out Black’s.
    Read my fucking message again, you silly fucking twat.

    The third line of my motherfucking post say’s ” Why are you paying out Black’s?”

    Seriously, your a fucking idiot…

    Another thing, Il live in Australia, so how else am I ging to express my hate for the cunt that I just challenged?
    Send him some anthrax?

    If the fucking hitler wannabe lived near me I would not even flinch when I slice his throat.

    If only he liveed closer.

    Kill your family is also a hitler wannabe!

    Oooh, his username is kill your family, Im scared, how about the rest of you?



  36. jewblowingmaniak,u need to get a life, i bet u take it up the ass form a different black man every night, and you know its true, you just love it when their hot steamy milk chocolate first enters the tip of your semen filled rectum, and you cant help but say to the nice black man”im your bitch and you know it”
    because u know u like it, and u just put on an act so u can try and be “superior to us”, but ur NOT, if your attempting to put anyone down your using all the same insults that me, notyou, and killyourfamily have already used, except your just adding in the word “nigger”, your nothing but white trash, white trash that will soon be burned into ashes, and then i will take those ashes, adn i will piss on those ashes, then i will place them in a little ziploc bag, place some weed in their with it, then give it to a group of black men and watch them smoke the ashes of your life.

  37. “Eventually I will kill myself,but you’ll never know about it.”


  38. Intox I say that because you are one of the most sane people on here.

  39. Sane? What a joke.
    I’m not sane. I just make logical comments. In fact, I’m a pretty fucked up person in the head. No one knows though.

    ‘Eventually’ meaning not anytime soon. I’ll probably change my mind if life ever gets better for me.

    You… will kick MY ass? Hah. I may be a girl and probably smaller than you but I can get violent ‘muh brotha’. Sorry. My %10 Jamaican is taking over again(inside joke). ; ]

    Do you really think that one of these idiots on here would ever convince me to kill myself? Please! They can insult me till they are blue in the face. Won’t make a difference to me. Not to mention, they are worthless. So tell me why I would listen to them.

    I heard the third circle in hell has a more interesting theme and better acrobats. (Don’t ask.)

    Tequila is good.

  40. insertcockhere – You’re the nigger lover, not me, you’re the one who violates your ass with a stick whilst looking at pictures of Martin Luther King. You’re as bad as a Jew.

  41. [Quote] “Kill your family is also a hitler wannabe!”
    Bluebar85 – You talk about Hitler more than he does, you’re the one with the unhealthy obsession you faggot. Stop masturbating over pictures of Hitler.

  42. Insertnamehere, I have gained some respect for you.

    Tox, even if you’re not sane, you’re great. : )

    *Beautiful Mess*

  43. I DONT WANT YOUR RESPECT, im not here to gain respect, im here to make fun od dumbass people who post shit that makes no sense. but thx anyways,

  44. Intox,I said you are one of the MOST sane people here. I never said you were normal,or sane or whatever… And I don’t doubt you could hold your own in battle. I just think that Xavaru would grind your 10% jamaican ass into the ground. And even if life doesn’t get better don’t kill yourself. I’ll still keep my promise. And if anyone kills you let me do it. Then at least i’ll know you died a clean death. Oh,and the Ninth Circle of Hell is my fave.

  45. jewbashingmaniak, isnt it funny that how when a member named: SCHIZ left this site,,,,a member named JEWBASHINGMANIAK suddenly showed up??hmmmmmmmmmmmm, what a coincidence that was.

  46. One comment.

    You people need a life. Stop bugging the hell out of others and do something productive with yourself. ANYTHING AT ALL. Get off your ass.


  47. Oh shit. That’s not my name. Oops.

    That comment was from Tox. I forgot to sign out of that name. Fucking hell. Bye.


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