The erotic night with a girl

She went to school with me I loved her the first day I saw her she was a goth god to me lips you could kiss for days eyes that glowed in the moon light she was in all my classes but one so I would get to see her beatiful face everyday. Well I am a girl myself so if she was my lover she would be my fist lesbian lover.

She didn’t know me but I knew her. Her name was Rose what a great name. One day I saw her in the lunch alone so I walked over and asked if I could sit with her “yes” she said so I sat next to her. Hi I am Morgan I said to her oh yea your in like all my classes right yes I replyed. We talked the whole time we had a lot of things in common she was smart. We walked back to together I sat next to her the whole we passed notes to each other she wrote one note it said “Hey if your free on saturday would like to go out with me and I pick you up at 7:00 pm if that is ok” the bell rang and she met me in the hall I said i would like that. Saturday came around she was there at 7:00 on the dot we went back to her house we were in her room talking she asked me if I have ever sex with a girl no I said she said oh I have a few times it’s great really I say “yea” . So she stated to kiss me on the lips she lyed me down pulled off my shirt I had no bra one she kissed and licked and pulled my nipples with her teeth. She took off her clothes and pulled off my skirt and fish net panty holes she kissed down my tummy and moved down she kissed my area and licked me I screamed and moad for more I had my fingers in her hair pulling her closer to me. She came back up and kissed me her breast push to my breast was great I have never have feeling like that in my life once we were done she held me in her arms morgan I love you baby she said I love you too rose and kissed her we fall asleep in each others arms.

By punkgoth132

Hi I am Morgan I am from philadelphia I like gothic stories thing like that so come and talk to me.