The Faces Always Change: Part 2 (The Metamorphous)

Shelby confessed her dark secret to me and I couldn’t hate her, she even made me promise not to tell anyone about it, and, I did. I was in such shock, lied to for so long. Shelby told me that it had heppend months ago, before she knew how i felt about her and before she knew how much she really liked me.

I left her house about an hour later, but i didn’t go home. I couldn’t. I just drove around town, angry and sad, feeling horribly sick to my stomach. The rest of the night is really a blur.
The next morning i didn’t go to class. It was a Friday and Shelby would be leaving for the weekend to go to a concert with some of her friends, i knew i was getting drunk this weekend and i said bye to her, leaving out the fact that i would soon be saying hi to a bottle. Before she left she told me that it wasn’t fair to make me not talk to Rick about this. I told her I still wouldn’t though, it wasn’t that i didn’t want to, but I made a promise, and i’ve had too many broken promises made to me in my life, but she told me that I had to talk to him, and she was right.
Shelby was scared though, thats why she didn’t want me to say anything. She had to see Rick in class everyday, and she was afraid that he might yell at her or something for telling me the truth, but i told her not to worry because i would make it very clear to Rick that if he got mad at her over this at all, that i would go after him, and that none of this would come back on her. She gave me a sad an unconvincing looked, tryed to smile and said ok.
She left town and I went to work, which was a good thing because it envolves a lot of driving around and i like to do that. As i drove i just thought about what i was going to say to Rick, or if i would hit him, but no iI couldn’t hit him then I would be dirt jut like him. Finally it got to be too much for me, so I called his cell.
Rick answered in his cherie voice as usual and asked how i was doing….., my response was, SHITTY…
Rick paused and asked why.
I was shaking a bit now but I had to do this, so I took a deep breath and said.

Because, I know what happend between you and Shelby. I get off at 8 tonight, come to my house when you get out of work.

Rick sounded shocked and horrified and said, ok.
That night, I talked with Rick, and you wont believe what i heard……….


  1. No, no you can’t just leave it like this.
    Where is the rest of it?
    Don’t make me wait…

    *Beautiful Mess*

  2. You can’t keep us hanging like this. It’s not fair!! Hurry!!


  3. Rick sounded shocked and horrified and said, ok.
    That night, I talked with Rick, and you wont believe what i heard……….

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