The Fall of

Judging from the amount of hits on the Search Engine here, a few of you may already know of Those who don’t know of it, it is a rebirth of a “satanic” adult magazine.

I took on the Gotherotica project from Bob Johnson, a ‘mostly’ well-known active Satanist (look him up if you must ask). He had no time to invest in creating or running a pay site with such specialized standards. Yet he wanted a ‘money making’ site anyway. I quickly jumped at the opportunity, and went on to making a success of Gotherotica. For the past year I have porn (har har) my all into the site. After being unsatisfied with MANY things and persons, I took on all responsibilities on the site, including taking and posing for many members’ photo sets.

Mostly everyone who knows me, associates me with Gotherotica. Unfortunately, my business relationship with Mr. Johnson seems to have soured quite quickly over the past month. After many threats, Mr. Johnson has pulled the domain name for his own vindictive purposes.

Gotherotica IS still online, and accessible through and/or Emails must also be redirected similarly.

Now I will tell current Gotherotica members as well as potential members, that I MAY not continue ANY updates until further notice. I do not know how long this will be.

If you were simply interested in my photos and work, I have since established a personal website,, where I am currently focusing my efforts.

Many thanks to all of you who have been so supportive through out it all. And my apologies for Mr. Johnson’s irrational actions.


By gotherotica

The wearer of many hats; webmistress, designer, photographer, model, satanic witch and collector. Who knows what else I will take on. I currently run Always looking for models and interesting ppl to feature/photograph. --Sinister