The Fall

The wind whips at me
Can you feel it too?
The darkness encompasses me
Can you see it too?

The clouds are gathering overhead
Can you feel me shudder?
The rain starts to fall
Or is that my tears?

I start to fall
Can you catch me?
Does anyone want to save this sad soul?
Does anyone want to save me?

Feel the wind rush past you
Almost like your flying
Feel the rain pelt you

If life is a test
Than I surely have failed
So better to fall
If I spread my wings will you see?

Watch the night sky envelop me
The darkness molds itself around me
We are all just creatures of circumstance
Products of our environment

I see the world for what it really is
I don’t need you to save me anymore
I have in fact saved myself
I have found the secret

The secret is not to care
Just let things happen
And when you fall, when they think you’re broken…

Open your wings and fly
Show them the beauty you hid
Show them everything they might have looked at for granted
Is one grain of sand significant among so many?

I have saved myself
I have become the darkness
And in so doing I have found my place
I am your tears, your misery, your oppressors, and I am that moment when you lift your wings and fly

So just fall…
I won’t catch you; you have to catch yourself.

*This poem is about self redemption, how only you can give yourself forgiveness and the strength to Fall…if you have comments post but if you want a response email me*

By _Bloody_Rose_

Why does my life have to be this way? Why won't someone keep me safe? God I love my boyfriend but he just doesn't understand the pain inside me. I wish I had a boyfriend who understood and didn't look at my fresh cuts with a look of pity to then kiss them one by one as to make the hurt go away. Why won't someone tell me I'm not alone in feeling this way? Why won't someone give me a light so I can be guided home? Darkness, Dank, and Death consume me....Feeling Failing Falling Fading, ~Satania666~