The fallen

From the gates of heaven I was thrown away from
My wings burned and torn to pieces
All because I would not serve these pathetic humans
I Lucifer, the bearer of light serve them

So when I denied him, he killed all goodness in me
Threw me out of heaven and banished me to live under the foundries of the world
So now I am the ruler of hell, place of flames, home of evil
We despite him and his stupid ridicules religion
My breed of devils and demons are my friends now
The burning hate in my black pounding heart, tells me to take my revenge
So while you sit op their and think everything is all right
Your death is being planned, we will kill you
You shall suffer endless pains while we kill you slowly
And as you lay there dying on the table know this
No mater how many people believe you are so mighty
You can not stop us, you and your ridicules angels
Because the sky will turn red as blood as the great war begins
We shall slay all your angels and feast on their blood
Even thou you do not see it
Your people on earth have already abandoned you
Their thoughts on money, greed and power has become more important then you
So where will you seek refuge, you pitiful ignorant worm who calls himself god
I feel nothing but hate in all my blood and heart against you
Know that as you die ever pathetic fool
Your so called people will know of your death when the skies rains with your blood
And a new era of time will come
A time there you can not spread any more of you filthy lies
And you will witness the destruction of all you in your little brain believed you created
I and the last thing you will ever hear and see before you die and rot as a corpse
Will be me spitting on you with a evil grin, while you hear the screams of humans burning
Burning in their own greed and self-righteous nonsens of prayers
So now it all ends goodbye you the real king of lies

By Nightblood

17 and from the cold Denmark. I have always loved to wirte poems, and when i found i feel in love with it