the far side

I am 17 years old. I’m 5’3, blonde hair, green eyes, 103 lbs. I am a cheerleader, a member of fashion club, student foundation, business club, worship comittee, SADD, and tons of other clubs, used to be involved with a youth group at church.

I like shopping, talking on the phone, tanning, being with my friends, going to parties, listening to music, dancing, watching sports, reading, driving around, art, running, etc. I am a generally happy person. Even when I’m mad at someone I’m usually always trying to hide my smile and look mean. I’m a Christian and I have the uptmost faith in my beliefs. The most important thing in my life is faith.


Why am I here? Don’t sound like the “dark” kind of person, huh? No, I shop at GAP. I sing in the shower. I love life. Want to know what I don’t love? My parents. I honestly, don’t love them. I mean, I’m morally opposed to hating people, so I don’t hate them per say, but I really don’t like them. Sometimes when they make me mad I cut up pictures of them or count how many more days till I go to college and don’t have to deal with their shit anymore. Do any of y’all hate your parents? Just wondering, b/c I sure can’t seem to find anyone I know that does. I bet most people that read this are different from me…..alot… their outlooks on life and their beliefs and even they way they look. But admist those boundries of segregation, I know we’re alot alike. That’s because I think people are always the same. In some aspects at least. You can see it, people will always act the same, the same today as 100 years ago. History repeats itself every second, so I try not to act suprised. I hate suprises, probably b/c I’m a control freak. Suprises take control away from me, so therefore I don’t like them. You know what I think is funny? I worked so hard to be in the popular group at school. Who cares anyway, in 5yrs it won’t make a difference. Anyway, I finally got exactly what I wanted and yet sometimes I wonder if I wasn’t better off being that introsepctive nerd in middle school. Hmmm….I just want to say that anyone who thinks that “popular” people don’t have problems are wrong. I see problems in that group all the time. I thought that in middle school. I’ve struggled for years with anorexia, bulimia, mood swings, questioning my beliefs, drinking, smoking, suicide. All that teen stuff. We all deal with the same things. Isn’t it crazy? Here I am rambling as though someone cares. Why does this make me feel better? Or why do I tell myself this makes me feel better. I guess thats the point of keeping a journal. Its interesting for me to read what people post on this site. It seems like a world a million miles away from everything I know. I don’t know why I’m here…..I’m searching for some answers…..or maybe just a place to spill my guts. I know that this probably won’t mean anything to me tomorrow morning…..


  1. sometimes, when we want answers the hardest place to look, and the only place to find them is within ourselves.

    you’d be surprised at what some people on this site think about “popular people.” most of us are beyond hating people for being popular. some of them still hate them for the way they are/were treated. most people on this site realize that being popular doesn’t mean being problem free, it just means they hide it better then we do. some of “us” don’t try to hide it. why bother?

    maybe it should mean something to you tomorrow morning. that’s what makes the difference.

  2. the world needs more people like you.i was gonna say some other stuff but suddenly im distracted by a realisation that mournings stars posts are just everywhere i go.when something grabs my interest mourningstar appears there at the bottom.its scaring me.anyway on another note well done for writing that,someone should make a national advert out of it and stop the “moshers vs townies” type thing once and for all.wishi had something cleverer to say.

  3. Hmm, that’s nice. I hope you stay happy. Good to get away from the people you don’t like, such as your parents. You’d most likely be even happier, no longer having to deal with the people that upset you.

    And yes… … Sepul. Mourn just loves to throw its nose into everything and give the answer to the questions no one ever asks.


  4. I can’t believe ppl read that and responded, this is cool….tell what y’all believe about religion/spirituality and stuff.

  5. first thing, yeh, most people here hate their parents, thats why i live with my friends, so tell me though, why do you hate your parents, what have they done to make you hate them so much, be sure to include lost of details.

  6. i never stated that i was better than anyone. i just simply state what i think. i never said i was the endallknowallbeall right answers. just opinions. i really don’t see why you have such a problem with me…

  7. i don’t hate my parents. how could i when i look at what i have? they’ve raised me with everything i could ever want and more, they handed me a car when i turned 16, they’re going to pay my 23,000+ college tuition, they love me more than life itself. I just get annoyed with them, my mom, sometimes. She called my cell the other nite and i called her back and do u know what the first thing she said was? “oh, i was just praying that you would call” what the hell does that mean anyway? i was like what do you want? that’s just how my mom is. She’s an idiot. I mean an all out, dumber than dirt, moron. But she means the best. I don’t talk to them too much. I see them before i go to school/bed on weekdays and just in the mornings on weekends. I like it that way, why do they need to be involved in my life when things are fine they way they are now? Anywho, so they havent done anything atrocious to make me hate them. They just care too much, which is something i’m lucky to have…..i think its something alot of ppl would want and that i take for granted. I’m allowed to get a little pissed off sometimes. Its funny, they dont know me at all. I’m like this perfect daughter to them and they don’t know about anything i do. or used to do anyway. Well, might as well keep it that way, huh?
    (one more thing, i was just rereading all the things they’ve done for me…and they’re all like monatary support. And truthfully, thats really all i need them for. I’ve always been really independant and self sufficient in everything, so the fact they they pay my bills is nice. Too bad they can’t do that forever)

  8. if you dont hate them then why are you wasting our time?
    i think your a bitch what the hell you dont hate your parents but yet you will call your mom a moron? your such an idiot i mean god heaven forbid your mom and dad cares for you i wish my parents would have handed me a car or will pay my college stuff but they arent going to and i still love them i get mad at them but would never say they were morons. . . i cant believe you only use your parents for money ive been working since i was 11 and paid for everything i need and feed for my horses and i try to pay for things for my parents instead of them taking care of me i want them to know im thankful for everything thing have done for me by doing the same for them oh and im 17 also

  9. There are a lot of people that dont like their parents form time to time. As far as Im concerned you need to be happy with what you have. All my live I have clawed & scratched for everything I own. A little after my 16 birthday I was kicked out of the house, bought my own car & lived in it for a while, paid for my own schooling & have worked my butt off every day. I went to a school where if you did not have a new car & money you were treated like a peice of crap that would not flush. If you want to know what life is really like then give up the things that are handed to you & the things that you don’t care about & don’t do the things that everyone else expects you to do & live your life with honesty to yourself like others of us have done. Then you will learn some true lessons that will help you through life. As you take all the things that your parents hand to you & you do what everyone expects of you, YOU ARE going to have a rude awakeing when you get older & get into the real world.

  10. Hmmmm, the last two comments by Lexus and Jester.

    One, Lexus. You’re the obvious bitch here. She’s been nothing but nice coming here.

    Jester) Booooom! Real World, huh? Sounds like to me, she’s one of the people that are successful in it. You know, the ones that get a good job, have their own business and such? Yeah, the ones you work for. She’s going far.

    3, Fuhahahahaha! I don’t really have a problem with you so much Mourn, I think you’re kind of a nifty person.

    4) to uh… … NCW’s question. Which I was going to reply to, but then I saw a bunch of idiots trying to bring a happy person down, because they’re sad insipid twits.
    What I believe about religion and spirituality?

    I believe it’s something manifested by humans, to give them comfort that when they die, that it won’t be the end so much. That they will either go to a Heaven or a Hell, or other types of religion that emphasizes on life after death.

    I don’t believe in permanence. There is no god; there is no eternal soul. When you die, that is the end. No consciousness, not even darkness. For there is no longer an existence to neither see nor think.
    Very sad thing it is, that’s why you should live to be very happy while you still have the chance. Like you are doing. Be happy. As long as it is not at the cost of another person, bringing them down. Be happy.

    I’m happy right now. My girlfriend makes me very happy… I love you Jenny!

  11. night fuck you . . . shes the kind of person who is successful my ass to me being successful is not only making it in the world but its doing it when you have started from nothing unlike her who has had most of her stuff and success givin to her then she throws it in everyonelses face. . . i dont care if she is a nice person and you think i am a bitch im not going to sugar coat what i have to say and kiss her ass just so i dont make her cry to hell with that

  12. and another thing no one asked her to come here so i dont care if she was being nice about it or not its not my problem im here to post like everyone else weather it be a nice bunch of lies or it be the mean truth whatever works

  13. wow……..lots of bitter people here. I thought this was a neat place where someone can talk about whats bothering them and have others who experiance the same stuff support them. I like what nightmaren said, it was uplifting. And thanks for answering my question, I’m even though I am firm in my own beliefs its interesting to hear others’……And lexus, just b/c you feel like you’ve been through alot of crap doesn’t mean you have to treat other people poorly because of it. I commend you, you sound like a strong person, but if you’re going to go through life making other people feel bad, that’s an awful attitude. I hope you can live your life to its fullest potential and be sucessful (whatever you define sucessful as) without hurting others.

  14. Hmmmm, really now? Sooo? Her parents have money? Yeah, guess what?!?!! I do too! I live in those good white neighborhoods that Mourn was talking about before, when I bit his head off.

    But there’s a difference between her and I. She works hard.

    If you looked at the very top, you could see that she does do her work–Her parents help take care of her for now, OF COURSE! She’s a minor! If they can afford to provide for her, then they should and do so responcibly, after all. She has grown to be a nice and responcible person.

    And also seemingly open-minded, as you aren’t. Just because her parents can afford paying for things.

    Sooooooo… … which one you hate now, more? Her or me?

    There she is, a hard working and responcible young lady. Who’s parents are paying for her as parents who can afford it do. (Help pay for college and such…)

    And here is me. I’m not going to College. I don’t even think I’ll graduate from High School. What is my future? Very uncertain. While I may not even graduate High School, I can eventually get a certain job and be able to make 70K+ plus a year after I’ve been promoted. And higher than just 70K, if I manage to be good enough, to become a certain something. I’m not sure, I’d have to ask my parents what they make. Will take a few years though…

  15. Quoth Lexus,

    “and another thing no one asked her to come here so i dont care if she was being nice about it or not its not my problem im here to post like everyone else weather it be a nice bunch of lies or it be the mean truth whatever works

    Posted by: lexus
    Dec 24, 02 | 1:35 am”

    Well, if you want the mean truth Lexus.

    You’re a bitter bitch.

    Oh, yes, yes, I’m seventeen too, but I don’t see that so much as a factor. Hmmm…

  16. i know i am guess what i dont care and as for which one do i hate more i dont hate either of you because your not worth it. . .
    you know what there might be alot less bitter people in th world if we didnt have assholes putting us down because we are the “geeks” as ncw puts it or goths or anything else like that im not a prep i hate the preps i never want tobe one because in order to be a prep you have to be the jack ass jock or cheer leader slut who thinks they are better then everyone because they have money or are well might be succsessful if im not oh well atleast i have lived my life the way i want

  17. and another thing what was the point of you putting all the details about yourself on here no one cares or should i have nothing against you ncw i just dont think you should think you have it bad when you know damn well you dont and never say you dont love your parents that u dislike them because someday you will regret it

  18. Hmmmm, now now Lexus.

    When I was in School. Yes, it was always more likely that it would be the white people that started crap with me.

    But, I wouldn’t say jocks or anything like that in particular. ‘Cause I really don’t know, a jerk is a jerk. And they deserve what ever they get that’s not good.


    Refreshed and quoth Lexus,

    “and another thing what was the point of you putting all the details about yourself on here no one cares or should i have nothing against you ncw i just dont think you should think you have it bad when you know damn well you dont and never say you dont love your parents that u dislike them because someday you will regret it”

    I tend to give too much detail, as I strive for preciseness, accuracy and in some cases perfection.
    But Lexus, I really don’t hate you. I’m in a really great mood, maybe I would be upset if you said those things to me while I was in a not so good mood, and have taken you more seriously. But, I’m feelin’ good tonight so it’s just fine. I hope you have a Happy Christmas Lexus. (Oh, for arguments sake of saying things like no one cares, no one cares about your stupid horses. Ha ha ha, but you see. That wouldn’t be true. ‘Cause somebody… well, may not care. But not mind it. And I know at least one person here, that wouldn’t mind me writing what I did. [Not NCW!!])

  19. oh wait a minute did i ask if you or anyone else cared for my horses . . .. hmmm no i dont think so and us white people dont care if your not in a good mood well this white person doesnt

  20. Quoth Lexus,

    “oh wait a minute did i ask if you or anyone else cared for my horses . . .. hmmm no i dont think so and us white people dont care if your not in a good mood well this white person doesnt”

    Oh, wait a minute. Did I ask if you or anyone else cares for my future? Hmmmm, no, I don’t think so. And us non-white people don’t care if you’re always a bitter bitch by blood. Well, this non-white person doesn’t.

    By the way. Preps and punks are the same thing. If there were more punks, Goths, or freaks, or whatever they prefer to be called than “preps and jocks”. Than they would do the same thing to the preps and pick on the more.

    They’re the same; they hate each other for the same reasons. Hate them other side for the way they dress, their sexual activities and pass times.

    I don’t care so much; I’m not part of any group. I hate that High School Blues crap, it’s stupid to me. People like you getting caught up in it so much, with your anti-prep campaigns.

  21. Ohhh, yeah? The:

    “no i dont think so and us white people dont care if your not in a good mood”

    Geez, I said I was in a good mood. Not not in one. That is why I’m not taking you seriously.

    You’re*. Yes, you JOCKA! Fuhahahaha!

  22. I wish Lexus would reply faster. –Ohhh, nooo! What if he’s done?!?! Then I won’t have anything else to do online anymore! NOOOOO! I guess I’ll just go to sleep…

    And sorry to NCW too.

    I’ll apologize for Lexus as well.

    Lexus: Sorry NCW, you’re cool. In truth, I’m actually very jealous and envious of you.

    Yeah, me too NCW, that Lexus and I polluted your happy board with negative augmenting post. We are happy for you, and we both think that you should continue on with your good beliefs and ways of life.

    Lexus: Indeed we do. Like kernle stew.
    Maren: What’s a kernle stew?
    Lexus: No clue.

    Maren and Lexus: Have a happy holidays everyone! A merry christmas and a happy new years!
    – Maren and Lexus then fade into the background in a red sled throwing candy canes –
    Maren: Fuhahahahaha!
    Lexus: Hohohohohoho!

  23. well see i would have repyled faster but i went to bed i didnt feel like argueing with you and as for me being a guy i dont think so and im not jealous of her and im not happy for her either why would i be happy for someone who basically hates well doesnt like their parents something wrong with that my parents beat the shit out of me just because i they dont like me im not like my brothers but i love them i would never say i didnt like them if she can be happy knowing that most of the people on this sight knows she dislikes her parents because they care then good for her i hope she is happy i just dont see how she could be as for you night my intentions were not to come off as a bitch just get my point across im not a bitch by blood im bipolar by blood which can sometimes make me a bitch and when she said up there that most people who read this will be different from her im not i do the exact same things she does except for cheerleading because im homeschooled i donthave time for that just because this is a dark site doesnt mean we are all different from you

  24. damn, i havent posted in a while and id just like to say, lexus is right. i mean, ncw555, eat shit and die, you came here talking about your happy life and how actually your not so happy and whatever, WE DONT CARE, if your gonna comment on this site you better make it worth my time. you dont know shit, you have a good home life, i bet you dont know what its like to wake up at 3 in themorning to your mom crying because your dad beats her and have to comfort your mom to sleap at night, i bet youve never ben locked outside for 2 days because you missed the bus to school, dont come here with your so called “nice life” AND TRY TO SHARE YOUR BULLSHIT WITH US, WE DONT WANT TO HEAR IT. this site is for people with REAL problems, not none of that “let me brag about my life with all of you” shit youve decided to post.
    nightmaren, go jerk off some cattle.
    lexus, continue to criticize the dumbasses.
    everyone, have a merry christmas

  25. Right, Inertnam, fuck off low-life. Oh, right, so you’re life is shit. Oh, woop, don’t care!

    Go to There is no exact rule specifying that this site is for “people with real problems”.

    Fuck off, you’re a little pussy picked on at school, crying, running to the internet for comfort.

    That’s your whole life right there? Oh, fucking woop. “I was lock outside for 2 days! -cries-“.

    Your mom was beatin’? Oh, well so has about a over a couple hundred million others, we’ll cry just for your stupid pussy ass. And you know why your father was hitting her? ‘Cause she gave birth to you, a stupid low-life retard. You don’t want to hear bullshit, just remember. Since you think your so horrible and your life is such crap compared to others. That just MAKES you shit.

    Lexus, fuck you too sickle bitch. No one gives a stupid fuck about you. That’s why your parents hit you, ’cause your stupid worthless shit.

  26. nightmaren, actually, i was just proving a point you insignificant little crack whore go back to your mothers woum you fucking low life peice of trash no one wants to hear your shit you fucking ass raper, i was just proving a point that most of us here have problems and for nc555, that she had no purpose posting a bunch of bullshit to us because qwe dont want to hear about her life, and your just a sorry ass peice of shit with nothing useful to say you ignorant little cunt, im suprised your mom didnt shoot herself after having to be in labor for 8 months to give birth to a peice of shit like you, KILL YOURSELF, you dont deserve to live, all you will ever do is stay at home and type on your moms computer to people trying to sound cool, but we all know your a fucking loser with no life, why dont you go get a job, or do something with your life, i bet for christmas your daddy gave you 5 rapes up your semen infested ass hole instead of 10 like usual, dont come here and tell about how fucking happy your life is, WE DONT CARE, and we really dont care what you have to say nightmaren, so take your dick filled ass to a place where the people actually want to hear you post shit, because nobody likes you here.

  27. heres an idea,why dont you all shut the fuck up?
    why are you all obsessed with whos the most fucked up?
    ncw55 or whatever comes on here to make a worthwile post,but you slag her off because in your opinion shes not fucked up enough?do you have a depresso-meter attached to your computer to decide whos worth bothering with?
    your all being so damn immature,why dont you all grow the fuck up.
    if you think being depressed and having a shit time is big and clever and cool then why dont you just avoid reading the happy posts?
    resorting to an endless stream of profanities doesnt make you clever.
    you say “us” in your last post as if everyone agrees with you,apparently your self centered as well.
    ncw555 isnt ignorant you are,shes probably more intelligent than youll ever be,coming on here to slag off people just because they arent emotionally scarred enough for you.
    sorry im writing loads i just cant believe your narrow minded vindictive ignorance.
    GROW UP!

  28. some people reply here because it would be constructive for ncw. even constructive criticism is good. others post here because they’re bitter, and maybe they think it’ll make them feel better or maybe it’s just what they do without reason. the excuse that they don’t want ncw to waste their time by posting here clearly isn’t true, because they waste more time in replying when they could’ve just moved on to a different post.
    I apologise for human nature ncw. I’m also usually very bitter. I have to work for my money and I take a lot of shit. I’m naturally very hateful, but it’s been a few years since I took it out on others. at least now that I’ve been through enough, I can symphasize and give feedback to other people’s problems. it’s easy to not see things that way. I’m sorry.

  29. I don’t hate my parents, but I don’t like them either. They do what they can financially, and they do care about me. The caring bothers me, but I understand that it’s reasonable for them so I try not to give them a hard time about it.
    Don’t worry about not loving your parents – they’ve done a lot for you, and loved you, but you never asked for them. Be nice to them, because it isn’t their fault they didn’t get someone who’d love them, but don’t think you owe them much. It’s just a tragedy of random chance that they got you and you got them.

    And for the faith thing… it’s been awhile since I’d consider answering something like that, but you’ve taken a lot of flak here so I’m feeling nice enough to make the effort. I used to be an avant athiest, and I used to get kicks out of going to bible studies and arguing with everyone there. I was an antichristian evangelist.
    Now, I still can’t put my faith in any god. I want to believe in some kind of order in the universe, and particularly the Christian God because I was raised to believe in it rather strongly, but I have nothing to make me think it more likely than anything or nothing. I won’t lie to myself.
    I’m an agnostic now, so I believe that I can’t really know anything. Could a two dimensional creature imagine three dimensions? For all I know I could be a six dimensional gas cloud high on whatever the 6d version of opium is, dreaming of a 3d life.
    The possibilities used to bother me, so now I just try not to think about it. I can’t really know, and any rational system wouldn’t punish me when I die just for being rational. If there is a God, if He isn’t rational, and if I’m condemned to shitness, oh well. I do the best I can every day by hoping, but I can’t honestly believe.

  30. yes i HATE my parents! i’m not just sayying that either. my mom doest let m do anythig and my dad hits me.

  31. actually, this is me, the REAL insert, it seems somebody has ben posting under my name for a while, i dont know who,but someone has ben, i actually do feel that this post wasnt that good, but i would have liked to say it myself.

  32. actually, this is me, the REAL insert, it seems somebody has ben posting under my name for a while, i dont know who,but someone has ben, i actually do feel that this post wasnt that good, but i would have liked to say it myself.
    have a nice day :>)

  33. p.s., you can tell if its me or not because the REAL me always remembers to say “have a nice day” at the end of my posts, unlike the dumbass who posted under my name.

  34. p.s., you can tell if its me or not because the REAL me always remembers to say “have a nice day” at the end of my posts, unlike the dumbass who posted under my name.
    have a nice day :>)

  35. ahahaha, well now insert, i finally figured out your password, and im suprised i didnt figure it out earlier, its so simple: buddha.
    well now insert, i know you figured out my password and changed it so i couldnt post on this site anymore, and im gonna change yours if you dont tell me the password.

    ~ Karl

  36. well karl i have to give it to you, you are a total DUMBASS!!! see notyou, by the time you read this, im already going to have changed my password. YOUR SUCH A DUMBASS!!!!, oh yeh, and i did hack into your account and change your password, and i also changed jewbashingmaniaks and killyourfamilys, so none of you can post anymore, hahaha, it was so simple, i warned you, if you piss me off i will take you down, but its too late for you now, goodbye notyou, forever.

    so how are you since i see you responded within 10 mins, of my post???
    oh wait, you cant answer that since im gonna change my password,,, hahahaha your pathetic.
    have a nice day :>)

  37. Ha ha ha ha, I see I hit a easy nerve. You want to talk crap to someone without good cause, be prepared for the repercussions.

    And you’re not exactly very bright, to just post on here that you just hacked a bunch of people. Hacking is considered a terrorist offence, and you just tell everyone… Smart.

  38. nightmaren, are you talking to me, or the person (notyou) that was using my name???

  39. if your talking to notyou, than your pretty stupid, because theres no way he can respond, its like talking to a brick wall, and if your talking to me, your even more stupid because in case your too illetirate to read that was NOT me who posted the bad criticism comments up there, so either way your still an ignorant little cock who needs to shut the fuck up and mind his own damn business.
    have a nice day :>)

  40. “running to the internet for comfort.”
    isnt that sort of like what shes doing? hmmm oh and night who hate or is mad at who now? well bye im going to bed see ya

  41. “running to the internet for comfort.”
    isnt that sort of like what shes doing? hmmm oh and night who hate or is mad at who now? well bye im going to bed see ya

  42. cruentus, thanks for posting your view. you know, sometimes the cool thing about what i believe is that i think of it as sooo big and wonderful and incomprehensible to my simple mind. I like to take comfort in the fact thing even though i can’t know everything, i have faith that there’s a god that does. you said u were raised as a christian, what about christianity turned u away?
    another cool thing is, one time i heard someone say that ‘if ur a christian and it ends up being the truth, then you’re good to go b/c u’ll be in heaven and what-not. and if it turns out that it isnt true, then oh well, it doesnt hurt u.” Just kind of a cool thing to think about. also, i thought u put ur feelings about ur parents in a nice way. one time a guy told me that, of course, he loved his mom b/c she was his mom. but he didn’t like her. I think thats okay b/c some people just don’t click….but you still love them not matter what.

  43. I know the concept about not having anything to lose and everything to gain in religion. I know it’ll probably help my mental outlook. in fact, after years of trying to convert me, a friend actually got me to try to believe, and please believe that I tried. in the end, I can’t lie to myself about knowing there’s God, because nobody knows – they just rely on faith. you have it, but I don’t understand how to get it.

    as for what turned me away from christianity, the story of my fall from faith wouldn’t really be all that enlightening about atheism or agnosticism. I’d be happy to run through some of the arguments I have with the Bible, christianity, or religion in general though.

  44. NCW555, i think that you are the biggest bitch in the world! you dont like your parents bcuz they care!? what the fuck??!! i wish my parents would care now i hate my parents but unlike you i have good reeason. my parents didn’t even care that a guy beat me so bad i was almost dead they didnt even come to the hospital and my dad hits me so i really dont think this site is for you… this is not a “neat” site this is a place where ppl who are truly depressed should come it is also a family.. we are all a family and i for one do not want you as part of this family cuz i promise you that you could not last 5 min in my life.. i wish i had ur easy little life.. before you come here bitching cuz your parents love u try having a real problem.. rape, suicide, beatings, death, anything like that and i will be happy to listen if not plz just stick with your preppy little web sites ok?

  45. sorry evilgirl, but there is so much wrong with your post that I must address it in multiple parts. please be patient.

    you seem to misunderstand this post. you see, this post is not meant to be a forum for you to spoute off your problems and shout “look at me! me me me! I’ve got PROBLEMS! everybody else sucks! listen to my life story and give me pity! I hate everyone else out there diverting attention from me!”

    that is exactly what you were doing. do try to improve your methodology in attacking the posts of individuals in the future.

    moving on to specific arguments, you have no idea what she would be like in your shoes, or you in hers. the fact is, there are things that suck in life for everyone. if I get my finger cut off, it hurts like a bitch. if I get my arm chopped off my standards of pain change. it doesn’t give me a right to laugh at the guy complaining about his missing finger.

    your concerns about family are unfounded. it’s been a damn long time. NCW probably doesn’t go to this site anymore and thus isn’t trying to be a part of this “family” thing. she probably won’t see this. this is an old post and I should never have received an email telling me it’s still active. furthermore, NCW has been a member of this “family” far longer than you, and I’ve been a member far longer than either of you. you have no right to make any proclomations about who belongs in this dynamic “family”.

    NCW had a legitimate concern and problem, one quite different from most people here and thus worth a voice. she was clearly confused and working out her feelings, like everyone else. even if you can’t accept that her concerns are anything more than trivial, you should treat her with patience, as you would a child that received a minor injury. it’s not her fault life hasn’t given her enough material to be a drama queen.

    it’s people like you that make life miserable. you make me wish I could go back in time and prevent the internet, because people like you just use it spread crap to every corner of the world

  46. an ammendment about my point on the relative join dates of you and NCW: not only has she been here longer, this post alone has been here longer than you. you think you’re hot but you’re still just a newbie trying to kick people around

  47. hm, I just looked at some of your old posts. you really do seem to always just talk about yourself. you should see a therapist, they actually listen

  48. hm, I just looked at some of your old posts. you really do seem to always just talk about yourself. you should see a therapist, they actually listen

  49. oh wow this is crazy! i dont even remember this, its been so long since i was here last that its not even funny, huh yeah well ive lost track of what was going on and im not gonna go back and relive it either

  50. Well said Nightmaren, and I suppose I was a bit too insensitive.

  51. Hmmmm, wow. I sure did cuss a lot. It was amusing to see all the things I said to Lexus a year ago though.

    I support everything Cruentus said and everything I said in the past. Although, perhaps not all that intense cussing. Sure was a vulgar one. And to Evil. It’s a shame that your life is so horrible and such horrible things have happened to you. But it’s also a shame that you allowed those things to corrupt you and turn you into just as wicked of a person as all the people that have hurt you.


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