The Field (Part 1)

My crow black hair flew weightless in the wind as I stood in the middle of that field… oh, that field. So many vivid memories. So many hours with him. Too much to keep locked inside of my fleshy coffin…

Midnight. I didn’t remember the date. I never knew the time or the date or the year while I was in the field. But I knew when it was midnight. The mood was always just right. There was never a single sound at the stroke of midnight. Only the presence of two empty souls buried above the ground. I was one of those empty people. And Kraig was the other…

“Look at this,” he whispered excitedly. He pulled up his sleeve and revealed a small tattoo of a small sketch he once drew a year ago. You couldn’t describe it, but the meaning was deeper than the deepest ocean (and that was indescribable as well).
I smiled and wrapped my thin arms around him from behind. I bit his upper arm and giggled. I always felt so giddy while I was around him. Something about him set off a strange atmosphere wherever he set foot. And I loved it. Nothing could take him away from me. Not even death…
“Like it?” he said, pulling his sleeve back down around his arm. I nodded and whispered almost inaudibly “yeah..”. But Kraig could always interperate what I was trying to say. He could translate the language I spoke that no one else could even hear.
“I love you, Dar,” he said, turning around and whispering in my left ear. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me…you take me away from this cruel world society calls Earth…and you know who I really am.”
My eyes filled with tears and i stared into his. He sighed and held me close to his chest. I inhaled his unique smell of homemade perfume and let a tear trickle down my pale cheek. He sensed it and looked at my face.
As he wiped it away, he asked politely,”May I taste your blood?”
His distant German accent brought a shiver up my spine when he asked this, and I obediantly took out my knife and cut my arm. Very very deep.

By staticmorgue

i like my pain served raw.... i hate life for the simple reason that everyone that i actually care about dies and then i never do... i feel immortal