The First Day Of Highschool!!! HELP!!!

I’m a goth and have gone to a private school my whole life. Well In about a month I will walk through the doors of an unknown world to me, Highschool. I dont know anyone that goes there. I dont even know other goths. In my old school I was the only “freak” or whatever you want to call me. What i’m trying to say is that i was the different one. Now I’m being told that in every highschool there is a thing called “Freshmen Fridays”. I’m not scared to go but just not sure how to go about the first day. This may sound stupid but the thing I’m worried the most about is Lunch. Yes, you heard it, Lunch. My boyfriend who already finished highschool tells me to go up to someone and sit next to them. I dont really feel comfortable about that so I’d like someone to help me on this and anything else i should know. In my old school people never called me a “Freak”. I guess that I’d known them since I was 4 and they knew me well enough to not judge me by what I wear and the ones that did judge me just went on with their lives and left me alone. But now with highschool coming I’m sure that I’ll get called a “Freak”. That doesn’t bother me in the least. If it bothered me then I wouldn’t be a “Freak” I’d be just like everyone else. But I want to be like I am and if people don’t like it then screw them. I’m not afraid of being different but I am worried that there won’t be anyone else like me at this school. Its a big school with 1.500 people but the last school I went only had 360 people in k-12. I’m sure there will be but Its hard to imagine there being someone else that has gone or is going through the same thing i am. So Please I’d like to see your comments on this. It would help me greatly if you would. Thank You all