The Gift

I had just awaken and did not know where I was. The only clue I had of what had happened to me the night before were the two side-by-side punctures on my neck.

Although I was far to shocked and confused to pay them any attention. “where am I,” I asked myself aloud as though I was expecting an answer from some unseen force. I took a look at the enviroment surrounding me. The moon was full and mysterious in the dark, cloudy skies. I felt so weak,as if it would hurt if I attempted to move. I thought back hard, trying to remember what had happened to me and why I was in the forrest in the middle of the night. All i could remember was that I was walking to grandmother’s house to check up on her…And here I am. Something must have happened in-between these times. “My child, don’t be afraid,” a voice said. “It’s ok, your one of us now.” Then in front of me appeared a pale man. He was very handsome and mysterious man who had dark hair and lovely eyes that you could stare at and get lost on for all eternity. I asked him what had happened to me. He then explained,”You are now one of us. You are one of the damned, forever cursed to walk in the shadows of the night and never to be seen in the day. Mortals are no longer your friends and family, but your food. But you can let all of that go…You have been given a gift. A great gift of eternal life. You will live and stay young forever. You are a vampire. You are no longer a petty mortal, but a child of darkness. And it truely is a wonderful thing my dear. You have no choice but to except it and learn to love it.” With those words, he slowly faded away and left me on my own to live the life of the eternaly damned.

By AmericanReject

"why live when it would be sop awkwardly pleasent to die?"