The Guiding Light That Failed

“For I was in a far off place,
but you knew I’d return…
I left you with merely a gift, and a kiss,
but it was obviously not enough. Not enough…”

You were my beacon, my only light home…
I knew I had love, where ever it shone.
Separated by hills, and miles afar,
yet promised to gaze on that one special star.
I climbed through the wire, and also the dirt,
knowing I was loved, I couldn’t be hurt.
Time only crawled by, as always it’d slide,
when someone you love, is right by your side.

This spotlight of mine, shown over the land,
and colored my heart, a color so grand.
Into my training, I went with a smile,
knowing I’d see her again, in a while.
But as time grew old, and my time would be done,
something was brewing, and darkened my sun.
“This can’t be happening, what’s going on?”
I asked my self quick, but could only look on.
My light it was fading, my morale dying quick,
“I’ll lose my way back, a path I must pick.”
I clutched to the fire, and it burned my hands,
my screams could be heard, through all the lands.
The ash burned my skin, the flames did my soul,
the pain opened up, and swallowed me whole.
Before I could reach the tunnel’s end light,
it all went pitch dark, and ended my fight.
My smile faded way, my body grew still….
the worst pain ever, I’d soon drink my fill.

I slumped to the floor, a pain in my chest,
saved one emotion, buried the rest.
My heart is now darkened, and bloodied ice cold,
for that one thought forever, I shall now hold.
Frozen in place, with my hand now outstretched,
to save my light source, but away I was wrenched.
Cold and forgotten, and left with one curse,
my light not burned out, but stolen…and worse.

Dies Irae

By Azurael

Enjoys: Razor blades Cat 'o' Nines Roses Poetry Dispair Self-Destruction