The Inevitability

everything is unchanging
and yet it changes so much
alone here with the blood stained hands
licking them clean
as though i have done nothing wrong
the beautiful blackness
of the perfectly shaped orbs
round and loving
the way they never shunned u
or said “you aren’t good enough for me”
they love u consistently
they obey everything
even with the guilt they love
even after the brutality of wat ive done
he loves me
no human has ever done that
no one could ever love me
ive killed my heart
ive killed my family
ive killed my soul
but i can never kill the beauty of his eyes
he is the only living one left
after i have killed my mom
my grandmother
my father
every living relative
his love remains
the unchanging astounds me
after i have destroyed all around me
his love is still alive
my cat is calloused to the whole affair
but the dog loves me still
it stares into my eyes
questioning y
as it slowly slips away
into unconsciousness
and i look back and wonder y
y did i kill the only living creature
that ever truly loved me

By masked darkness

i live...i am anti government, anti EVERYTHING everyone stands for...i get online...i go to school...i dream of mass murder and serial killings...wat can i say...i live life through my past ...the end