The Invitation

Swirl around in the pool of pain
Dance around like we are both insane
Make merry with me again and again

Come with me and you shall see
Delightful pleasures there can be
Quench your thirst in this blood red sea
Surrender your heart your soul to me

Hold me close and don’t resist
Drink from me you must I insist
Caress the neck which you had kissed
Addiction is pure you lust like a beast

Free yourself feel no strain
See my light do not refrain
Love your Lord look at me
There’s no melancholy that you can see

Take my hands close your eyes
Exile your spirit you will not die
Release your mortal breath with a final sigh

Taste my blood stain your lips
Sip from the chalice your frail hand grips
Fire through the vains gradually it seeps
Join the undead as your body weeps

Arise my love from the crimson wave
The endless lament your new soul crave
This world is nothing but a hollow cave
Now you’ll share my glorious grave.