The Knickers Poem

This isn’t very dark, but i think we all need a laugh now and then, and if it isn’t laughing with me, then it should be at me, so here goes.

Waiting at the bus stop,
Sticking out my hand,
Those stupid bastards got here first,
And now I have to stand.

I give a silent squirm,
In an attempt to get them down,
But lo, my squirming was in vain,
And I can only frown.

I squeeze tight my buttocks
As I try to force them out,
But a dirty old man thnks I’m showing off,
And does a kissy pout.

I back away from him,
In irritation and disgust,
And thank Christ, they come out a bit,
But at that, only just.

I spy a seat, unoccupied,
But at I go to sit,
The fuckers go back up again,
And i exclaim, ‘oh shit’.

Oh, good lord, the discomfort,
Oh sweet jesus the pain,
As i writhe in rage and hatred,
And violently curse again

Oh how I would love to take my hand
round there to pull then back,
As here i sit, in public,
with my knickers up my crack.

By rottenangel

I'm a quiet little being and I mostly mind my own buisiness, but I occasionally venture out into the world of today to conduct an analisys. Unfortunately, every one of these have been along the lines of "Shit.".