The Life of One Who Shouldn’t Know

I used to kill animals as a child. Well, I guess tortured would be more appropriate. Cats mainly. I hate cats.

Once I caught a cat and skinned it alive. It cut me up pretty bad, but I just told anyone who asked that I fell.

Mom doesn’t care about me much. She’s usually drunk. Dad used to be violent. He’s also really strict. Once he was so upset because I had tracked mud onto the kitchen floor that he took me out back and beat for an hour with a switch.

Another time he fractured my wrist and broke my nose…all because I spilled the milk at dinner.

It went on like this until I was thirteen. Then it all changed. I just hit puberty when my dad started looking at me differently.

One night he came into my room and slipped into bed with me. I remember his first touch. I remember struggling with him. He seemed to enjoy it more when I struggled…I remember feeling him inside me and hearing his breath next to my neck.

When he finished he lay next to me stroking my head. He kept telling me how I was such a beautiful girl and how he loved me so much…I just laid there quietly crying.

The he started telling me what he’d do if I ever told anyone. He said that if I ever told anyone, he’d make me watch as he killed them and then he’d kill me.

He told me that I deserved what I’d gotten for torturing those animals. For awhile I stopped. I figured that if I stopped messing with the animals that he’d stop, but he didn’t. Every night he’d come into my room. He still does.

I take my revenge out on the animals. I make them pay for what he’s doing to me.

He stopped hitting me, but I’d rather have him hit me than do this.

I contemplated suicide…but I was scared of what he’d do if it didn’t work.

I better go… I think I hear him coming.


  1. What in the Hell…!? This isn’t right. You should tell someone. No offense but it is plain stupidity that you didn’t say anything before. You would rather die than have this go on right? Then tell someone and even if he kills you then he’ll get what is coming to him and i’ll torture him when I meet him in Hell. I wish I could do something for you. If I had one wish right now I would wish that I could help you. You think i’m BSing? I’m not. This can’t go on. It must stop. My advice is all I have to give at present. Do something…please.

  2. And stop torturing the animals….they can help you. If people won’t listen…animals will. My cat is my best friend. He is more loyal to me than my family and friends are. I know it may sound stupid…but Hell. And Notyou…if you say one insulting thing about this…

  3. Fuck thats what you call a really sick minded person,tell sum1 plz for satans sake my dear,its messin you up and for torturing the animals yes its a way to relief your pain and i suppose its better than self inflicted pain,try and stop its not nice i happen to have a cat of my own and when im stressed or need a shoulder to cry on she always there infact cats are the most loving pets you can have (just take that into consideration) I’ll try to put a protection spell over you,im not that good yet but if it works it would be for the better at lwast i hope.

  4. DISCLAIMER!!!!!

    sorry if i mislead you all and thanks for the support this is a work of pure fiction.

  5. Weird. I didn’t fall for it. At the end, when you said, ” I better go… I think I hear him coming,” that gave it away.

    Nice story line though. You should have put more into it.

  6. Yea, I have to say the last line was a bit of a hint. Excellent work of fiction…excellent. Pure genius, sick, twisted, but genius.

  7. I don’t know if that was pure genius. I stopped and thought about how the worried people who posted felt when they read it was all fake. People shouldn’t play around with things as serious as rape or killing cats. Someone here may post something about rape and have it be a real situation, and then no one helping the person because they think it’s a story. Really, you should give more thought to what you write about before you post it.


  8. Well hell dude you had me fooled…nice 1, i think that would be a chilling novel or two try and develop it a bit more id love to read more of it,but for youre writing techniques at the end it was abit cliche,btu nevermind life is one whole cliche i’d like to talk to about it so e-mail me on lookin forward to hearing from you.

  9. Erm.. RoseTears.. you’re a fool. No offense.

    People write about rape, torture, pain, horror, death and things of the sort. Tell them not to write about death because someone might have a situation with losing a close person. Tell them not to write about rape because someone might have gone through that (I have and I have no problem when people write about it). Tell people not to write about suicide because someone might have gone through the process of trying it, or they might want it.


    Seriously, if everyone took into consideration all the issues and problems in the world, and made sure not to offend someone by not writing about it….. then we wouldn’t have anything to read.

  10. I’m not even going to rectify everything wrong in your post. It is clear the statement I was making was taken into consideration by an ignoramous, so I won’t explain what I really meant. Some people are just meant to stay stupid.

  11. Rose, I understood completely what you said.
    Do me a favor and tell me what was wrong with my post. I would really like to know how I was being “an ignoramous”.

    Enlighten me.

  12. ok same opinion here,the last part was very very very stewpid,try n be more creative damnit!of u knew u herd him cuimn or better if u knew tht hemite cum,how cud u summon up the fuckin guts to go online nthen login to such a site ,then post sth like this?either u r very brave or ur fake!!!!!!!
    by the way wht was thename oftht cat?
    “those whoe fear death must learn to appreciate life”

  13. I was fooled…? Why…? GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ASS MOLESTING COCK SMOKING CUM SUCKING SONS OF BITCHES!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Bastards…..

  14. Oooh….Sorry about that last post….DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN,MourningStar!!!!!! NONE OF YOU EVER TRY THAT ON ME!!!!! Am I overreacting? Notyou!!! Go to Hell!!! Don’t you say a word about this!!! Well I am VERY sorry for use of such language…It is very uncommon that I swear at all. Well you are forgiven MourningGirl…

    “Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do.” ~ Dark Wanderer

  15. It was supposed to be cliche, that was the whole purpose, to let people know it was fiction. i couldn’t think of any other ending that would scream fiction. when it didn’t work, i put the disclaimer

  16. For some odd reason.. I find this mildly amusing.

    Damned.. you totally freaked out. Mellow out man.

    Mourningstar, I think you did a good job(even though some people might think it was sick or unappropriate.)

    By the way… I don’t like cats at all. Strange considering my ancestors “worshipped” cats. I still don’t think that’s true.

  17. i don y but i think i wud rest my case but i wud corrborate the comments made by detox!!n if the cats name was benny then wht was the mom’s name?JENNY!!!?????
    *screams in fits of laughter*

  18. Uhm…who is detox?

    Xeon, I was able to put up with your poor English and grammar for a while now, but it’s really getting on my nerves. Could you possibly TRY to make sense?
    Thanks to you.

  19. Erm Xeon,im sure that you arent foreign so please do get your english right its not nice, for exmaple Intoxication dont call him Detox its the complete opposite dear
    I mean i dont mean to be nasty or anything,its just that it does pee people off abit.
    luv as always………

  20. example* any other person could get it wrong it was a mistake, i can write proper english.

  21. I guess I should appreciate it.

    By the way… me is not a he(Yes, I meant that sentence to sound retarded. Leave me be. I make everything else perfect.)
    Female here.

    Hey.. it’s one mistake. No big deal. I might make it one but it’s just because I’m mean. Don’t worry about it.
    Damn typos…..

  22. hahaha this is the best yet,
    It is a very big pity this story is fictional.. I bet your Father still wields a sledge hammer and threatens your life, pig.
    Fucking slut I bet you want your father “slipping” into bed with you, do not say any different.

  23. To agree with rose, you shouldn’t write about this shit like rape because people might have been through it… …ULESS YOUR WRITING FROM TRUTH, not imagination, and if so, state it more clearly in the title


  24. THICKTEARS hmmmm good little saying there,i must agree with your point of view,but maybe her style of writing was meant for that reaction,and for the person who had supposedly read it and supposedly went through it theres nothing you can do,you cant monitor everything on here as they say…

    (especially killyourfamily whose got a particually loose one)

  25. Yes my asshole is fucking loose from emptying my bowel into your family’s feed bags every week you inconciderate, ungrateful mole. Swallow some glass..

  26. killyourfamily,

    are you trying to be a wannabe notyou? because that’s what you sound like. notyou.

  27. ok i am way out of this league where sbds blamin sbds pedigree n wht not.n i appreciate devil halos politeness,thnx i will kep tht in mind.n by the way i cant help if people can not accept freedom of speech,now can i?n by the way i repeat myself again.i said sth like i respect ur opinions but all tht seems to go in trash.n yes devil i do kno the difference b/w intox n detox,…n i never said nething about detox…n as far as grammer is concerned….oh puhlease….lik i said people who hav nuthin better to do in life correct others grammar n sentence structures…talk about pop culture..

  28. Xeon…if you’re still making fun of me… it’s gotten old. Yeah I correct people. I don’t type like others(you for example) because I’m not as uneducated as most. So make fun of me because I prefer to be a better version of me. I could type and spell like those who are illiterate… I choose not to because I want to be my best. Condemn me for that.

    And you did say something about detox.. and there is nobody on this post that commented that has a name relative to that at all other than me.

    Just don’t reply to this. Don’t pay attention to me in the future. I don’t want to deal with one more ignorant person in my life.

  29. “killyourfamily,

    are you trying to be a wannabe notyou? because that’s what you sound like. notyou.”


  30. I think my comment was misinterpreted by Intox and some others. You *can* write about those things if you want. My point was that if someone on here really does have a serious problem similar or related to this story, how am I or others going to know when to believe them or offer help?? Concerning writing, yes it was a believable realistic fiction, but as such I think it would be more helpful to others if you give them more hints to it being fictitious. Because the last line doesn’t always turn on the light bulb in a persons head that rings “This is fake.”


  31. I’m sorry but if that line didn’t SCREAM fiction then I don’t know what else will.

    How about flying blue fairy men? Would that work?

    Yeah, some people do have serious problems, and I remember reading a post about a serious problem that I could relate to. The story was fiction though. Fake.

    What if a demon really was trying to get into someones body and someone wrote about it? Does the world end?!

    No. People write what they want. If someone doesn’t like it then they shouldn’t be reading or commenting on it.


  32. killyourfamily…
    Actually that was somebody else who was signed in as me who made the comment about how great blue eyebrows supposedly are. I don’t really think they “kick it” either.

  33. Morning Star you have issues that really need to be dealt with…calling wolf is going to get you eaten alive. You know what your issues are and here is not the place.

  34. since this was by far my most controversial piece, i want to take a vote. i seem to have offended someone with my have you heard of columbine post. and i think the disclaimer looks tacky. so, next post, disclaimer or no. i’ll go with the popular vote.


    If people are stupid enough to think that a tory like this, which really does show that it is fiction, is real then maybe they should worry and stress their little selves because thay are complete morons. (Sorry DamnedOne if I offended you. I meant it in a good way?) I’m sure that the people on Darkness have enough intellgence and common sense to realize the difference between fake and real(just like you people judge womens breasts..)

    Anyway…. so no disclaimer. It does look tacky. Ruins the whole story. And I like your stories.

    *tox* who is yet again to lazy to sign off her brothers name. But you all know me, so it’s alright.

  36. Erm.
    Story* and They* and Intelligence* and Too lazy*

    That’s a lot of typos coming from me. IT WAS THE DREAM! I’m still shaken up.


  37. i feel completely lost now. i need darkness. i’m going crazy without it. maybe it was just the need for others to read my work. maybe it was that i had found an audience for my work, but no longer.

    if any of you wants to read more of my work you can read it at:

    my new stuff is now being posted. i’ll try to put a new one up everyday, but i have a notify list in case anyone wants to know when i update. i already had two new poems up. and a story that should be up before the end of the month.


  38. letter from a mourning star,

    i cannot begin to express the emptiness i feel inside when i think about this site. how much i miss communing with the people and having someone there to care about. however, i wish to apologize for the crappy writing, and i don’t want anyone replying that my work wasn’t crappy, i’m sure that somewhere there are a few good ones, but none that i remember. eventhough, i still received support from the members here and back then, that was what mattered most to me. that i had support from someone… so thank you all, and i’m sorry. my goal, is one day to have a site like this one. so everyon can write again… so maybe i’ll here from those of you who have meant so much to me, maybe i won’t…maybe you’ll miss me, and maybe you’ll wonder who the hell i am… either way i’ve said my peace.

    –forever greatful


  39. Gah why not, ill be giving you an email, I actually do miss this place, i think we all should have a re-union! t’would be cool!

  40. i second the reunion thing. blacklight, and insertname here, notyou and all them. lol, miss the fun i used to have on here, miss posting and reading all the great posts.

  41. Same here I havent really been on her for about 5 years now…..god thats a LONG LONG time ago…….christ 5 years.

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