The Life Of The Other Half

you people are very good at writing long stories so i decided to put together my skills that i think i dont have and see if you people will like it.if you do comment and let me is obviously not true.

in the beginning there was death.poor tragic moments.the longest before each death was only 2 years.each person i didnt really know well but they still meant something to me because they only meant something to my couldnt have been predicted.we thought they were strong.but i guess not.after the deaths were over i began to wonder whos next and why.i began to worry because theres only a few but the few im talking about are the ones who cared about me the most and stuck by me.then soon after those thoughs disappeared,more thoughts came.but these were different.they were quite scary.only in a good a good way i mean i started thinking mabey its my turn to get rid of them so that this way there wouldnt be anymore unpredictable deaths.i was suddenly overwhelmed by these thoughts.i thought it wouldve been the best for would send everyone to heaven.the only problem was that i didnt want to go to Hell.i had to think of a way i couldve gotten away with it.i went to churches all over the world to see what would happen after id die if i kill answer was the best.i sat in my room opposing to everything…eating,sleeping,and moving until i came up with something.then suddenly i thought back to all the churches.i realized i had missed something terribly important.i went back to the first church and listened very carefully.nothing took my mind away.i found the answer i was looking for.-after a mortal commits a sin,they are able to relieve their sin by the only problem i had with that was…i didnt belive in god.i decided i gotta do what i goota do.i made my self believe.i made myself try.finally i did.then i went around killing all the people in my family as fast as i could.i began to enjoy began a habbit.the next thing i knew i was killing people that were my friends.after that it was all going downhill.i wanted to kill everyone i saw.i began to panic.i ran and i hid.i was hiding in the woods digging a hole.this hole became so big i killed people just for their parts.i would stick their eyes on the wall and bog the skin so i could use it for wall paper.sadly i was caught and brought to trial and quickly taken to the hall.this is where i was later killed with the most torture anyone could ever have if your wondering how im writing this to you if i was killed ill tell see i missed one of the other most important things about the religions.i remembered the most important key.-any mortal who shall kill for the sake of himself and no reason to coldly kill another mortal,shall be sent to the body of another as a second personlality.and if this mortal be strong enough to defeat the conscience of the other,then shall this person be formed to the body he i must go now.i must go now to resume my fun.

if you made it to this part then thanks for reading.comment and tell me what you think.