The light betrayed me once again

Depression sinks in as my world turns dark once again,
I thought the light would stay this time,
But it has decieved me once again for it has left,
Suddenly my shadow has gone,

And now I have nothing to fear,
For in my own world of complete darkness I have no shadow to fear,
But in this world I have nothing to love either,
Just things to miss,
Things to want so much,
Things that I would rather die without,
My life lasts like this for so long,
And this hole in my chest becomes larger and larger,
These voices in my head become more frequent,
And louder,
And the population of them grow,
I’m starting to fall,
Starting to slip,
Starting to give in to them,
Starting to do what they ask of me,
I cannot live like this forever,
But whos to save me?

By Asatru

My life pisses me off, so I write it down, that's all you need to know.