The Lighthearted Smile

Now forehead to forehead, as stale breath to new, which one of us chooses to be found and true? To be bound anew and awash in cool dreams is for sure a desire, yet which of us screams for the deviled revulsion of what flesh has made? Are we created to be as willing slaves? Do you bend to your body or stretch to your mind? This thickness is growing and I don’t think it’s kind enough for a smirk.

So wake up now shaking and put a foot on the floor. That stale breath ceases to be breathed anymore. That forehead you leaned on was a lover before and now just a memory of a hand on the door. The door to your bedroom where an entrance was made. There was a face so deceptive that you denied just how grave were the entreaties of the mouth, so perfected and small. And now, do you wonder at the meaning of it all?

The slim grin in crimson, even red was denied. In a heart bent on trusting, there can exist no true lie. So a smile unnoticed at first by the eye can return to one daunting to the fierce heart’s pride. Did they mean it, are you certain? Was it truth spoken clear? And if so, why the emptiness at your bedside here? Twisted terror, thoughts forgotten, all return with the dawn. With the stains on the red sheets where they laid their lies on.

So remorseful, you grimace, be it morning’s cold air or just the sad truth that the body’s still there. Yet the lies in the eyes have gone offwards somewhere. So it’s true, kill the lover, and the truth becomes bare.

I think I loved you better lying. No truth has ever been more trying, than this try to forget your smile. No bother, you’ll be gone in a while. I’ll bury you with a lighthearted smile.