The little Darkling

A harsh grinding noise. Little black shoes on dirty pavement. Small girl walking down some dark street. Legs keeping time with the beat of her heart.

She glanced around at her surroundings and saw the uniform grey bulidings. She didn’t like this place, worse this place didn’t like her. She couldn’t remember how she had gotten there. She had trouble remembering anything lately.

Earlier that evening she had tried to find someone, anyone. The town had obviously been abandoned. She had been the only thing alive as far as she could tell. She hadn’t felt right walking around. The whole place felt angry and bitter. Little wonder nothing lived there. She realized she was hungry. Her hands sought out her pockets and began to rummage through them. The left pockett yielded a stale looking brownie. She stopped for a minute or so while devouring the little treasure. The hairs on the back of her neck stood upright. A feeling like someone standing on her lower back told her that someone was behind her. The back of her mind told her that letting it catch up to her would not be wise. Slowly she began to walk onward. She soon began to quicken her pace until she was running full force. She ran until her heart felt as if it would explode. She took a long look over her shoulder. She saw the thing behind her . She did not know that her hair had gone white. It would not have mattered to her if she had. It had begun to gain on her. Black, almost liquid body moving quickly along the street. All four legs beating the pavement, rythmically keeping time. It smiled in utter euphoria. It knew that the girl had loved dogs. I t knew everything about her. Thats why it had picked this form. A travesty with the basic structure of a dog, little else could be recognized. It would catch her. When it did, it would eat her slowly from the feet up. I loved to hear her scream. She was just out of reach now. It readied its body to pounce. The girl dissapeared. It had to scarmble to keep from falling off the edge of the world itself. He awoke just in time to catch the falling figurine. It had almost shattered on the floor. He lifted the little face to his own. ” You escaped this time. You always were troublesome. Don’t worry. It won’t happen again.” Grumbling voice sounding like a snarl. He looked at his miniature habitats that he had built for her. Only a few hasn’t wittnesed her death. He knew if he used one twice, she wouldn’t be as disorientated. “So, what will it be now, my little Darkling?”