the meaning of life

there’s a fucking hole in my windshield
i don’t think it is necessary to mention it
i never said it was true even if
i thought the opposite and

it seems that i have to pay the beer so
we won’t be as drunk as yesterday
anyway it doesn’t hurt anymore it’s
just a concept that i dislike and
it’s worst than eating old candies
so complicated and
so simple at the same time
you’re not alone i am after you and
you’re not drunk in front of your mom and
you hate yourself the anger grows so much
that it’s waking up a world full of
people on their knees and you
see yourself surrounded by them
it’s a shame but you’re happy
everything’s good but it’s plain
in a world full of irrational freak people
superficial reality like
all those girls who think they’re ugly and
hurt themselves
are you proud of your life?
or are you sick of this drink?
because it kind of smells like shit and
history repeats itself
it’s full of bad intentions
you’re not sad about your past but
you regret to came back and
this boy is going to fall so
what the hell is that theory about
the meaning of life
do you feel it coming back?
think about it but don’t reply
it’s there with a pathetik smile so
open the door and scream
get down on your knees
cancel your vote and go back to your home
find the half that i didn’t find
it’s not love, it is pure fiction and
we have to live together even if sometimes
i should go away
i don’t really enjoy living in a movie anymore
look at yourself
you’re not better than me


blehh. i dunno, ask me if it really bother you.