The Meeting

The Meeting

It was all so impersonal, yet it was mesmerizing. She continued to stare at her own reflection, examining the shapes and textures of her face.

The almond shape of her eyes, the glossy sheen of black lashes, the facets of her golden brown eyes. Her browned and smooth skin that curved over her features was healthy, free of blemishes and oversized pores. Lips were full and soft. Shiny black hair cropped close to her head accentuated her features. But she had her mind on other things as well. She sighed discontentedly, not wanting to work tonight. Maybe she’d ask Mel to cover for her, but then she remembered that they were going clubbing after their shift was over.
Gabrielle finally got moving. She put on her eyeshadow, which made her eyes dark and smoky, and smoothed her lips with metallic lipstick. Mel would have said she looked like a fate worse than death, but that was her style. Under her uniform were her clubbing clothes. A black and red embroidered corset gave her endless cleavage, and her pair of black leather pants. She put on her coat and grabbed her purse, and locked her apartment door. She set out for work just as the streetlights came on, all the while unknowing that he was watching her from the rooftop………….
Work was bland and unworthy of her time as usual. The minutes crawled by before her shift was over. Just as one of the greasy truckers she was serving a meal to was about to pinch her ass, Tony the cook yelled to her that she could punch out now. She scooted away from the trucker and went in the back to put down her trays and hang up her apron. She grabbed Mel’s card and punched her out too, though she wasn’t lucky enough to escape the bold truckers.
“That freak at table 7 spanked me when I gave him the food. I don’t get paid enough for this shit. And anyway, I’d rather do the spanking.” Mel and Gabrielle laughed as Mel hung up her apron and shimmied out of her uniform. Under her waitressing garb was a leather mini-skirt with seamed fishnets running up her legs and a low-cut vinyl bustier. The laces that ran up the front of the bustier were barely holding on under the weight of Mel’s ample bust and Gabrielle could clearly see the hang of her breast.
“Are you sure that thing’s not gonna break? What if it snaps while we’re dancing?” she asked.
“If it breaks, I have you to cover me right?” Mel replied with a sly smile. “Actually I’m hoping it’ll break in front of the guy I’ll be taking home tonight.” Mel winked and the girls laughed. They left the roadhouse and piled into Mel’s car. Gabrielle looked out of her window to see a figure standing in the shadows looking right at her, which she didn’t think very much of, only that she seemed drawn to it. But before she could make anything of it, Mel’s engine roared to life and they sped off back towards the city.
Deep in the urban jungle, only children of the night walk the streets. Mel and Gabrielle had parked and were now heading towards their night spot. A place where convention was left at the door. They rounded the block and were walking towards Lair, a vampire club where blood flowed as freely as the booze. There were many others heading towards the club, but they had to wait in line to get in. Mel and Gabrielle strolled right up to the bouncer whom they knew well.
“Good evening Wardak,” Mel said sensuously.
“Good evening Mistresses. Thirsty this evening?” the bouncer inquired.
“Always,” Gabrielle said putting her hand in Wardak’s pants pocket.
“You’ll save me a dance later,” Mel said leaning in close to his ear to breathe gently on his neck.
“Of course Mistress,” Wardak reached over to open the door for them. “See you inside.”
Mel ran her fingers over Wardak’s ebony cheek as she breezed past him to go inside. Gabrielle gently withdrew her hand from his pocket and followed her friend. Inside, the club was throbbing with music and a thousand conversations. Gabrielle surveyed the scene. There were some faces that she knew, many she did not. She and Mel headed for the dance floor where more than just dancing went on. She and Mel were soon deep in the mix of people grinding and feeding. They danced in between making love on the floor and feeding on their partner’s blood.
Gabrielle felt a gentle touch creep up her arm and over her shoulder. This was a touch she had never felt before. A graceful arm encircled her waist and a firm body grazed her back. She turned around to face him. A pair of piercing forest green eyes stared back at her, framed by smooth pale skin, with slivers of black hair coming down over his forehead pointing to those green eyes. They both stared intently at each other. Gabrielle was mesmerized by him. This guy was like no other she had seen before. He was otherworldly, like he knew what she thought and what her soul looked like. He brought her body closer to his as they began to dance slowly, yet in time with the music. She stared at his eyes lost in them. The stranger stared back as he brought her arms up around his neck and circled his around her waist. Gabrielle was overcome with a strange combination of lust and love. A feeling she had never felt before. The stranger held her so close, so tenderly that she was sure that this attraction was more than just lust. She felt like she was falling, but into him. He lowered his face towards hers and Gabrielle fell into his kiss as if she were waiting to kiss him her whole life. He kissed her so passionately that Gabrielle thought she might faint. But in that kiss she felt like she knew everything about him, yet she knew nothing. Not even his name.
She didn’t know what she was doing. She followed the stranger outside. The crowds had gone, the sidewalk was quiet. Waiting, was a Rolls Royce with a driver poised by the door. The driver opened the door and the stranger took her hand and helped her inside. A moment later they were speeding out of the city and towards the North Hills. The stranger held her hand gently. When they came in sight of this huge gothic mansion, the stranger picked up Gabrielle’s hand and turned it over and kissed the palm. Gabrielle shuddered with pleasure as he did this and again as his eyes met hers. The car stopped and they were in the driveway of this enormous mansion. The car door opened and they both stepped out. The stranger bent down and picked Gabrielle up by the knees to sweep her off her feet. The great heavy oak doors of the mansion opened and they went inside.
A moment later, they were up in a grand bedroom. It was a room straight out of a gothic novel. Velvet curtains were open, letting in the light of the full moon, and in the center – a large bed with a canopy high overhead. He lay Gabrielle down on the bed so gently she thought she was going to weep. He began to unlace her corset slowly as if to torture her with it. He peeled away the corset, revealing her breasts. He ran his finger down between them, over her stomach, ’til he reached the top of her pants. Gabrielle reached up to the stranger’s neck and smoothed her hands over his shoulders to take off his coat. The stranger also took off his shirt, his pale skin glowing in the moonlight. He began to kiss her breasts, nibbling at the nipples, as he began undoing the top button of her pants. Gabrielle took his lead and slid down her pants and panties at the same time. She was now overcome with lust in a way she couldn’t explain. She wanted him so badly she couldn’t stand it, so that every moment that pleasure was denied, was painful. She touched the stranger’s chest, slowly sliding her hand down to undo his belt. The zipper came down and a moment later Gabrielle held the stranger’s throbbing member in her hand. He kissed her and guided her under the covers and laid her down among luxurious silk pillows. He hovered over her, surveying her naked body, waiting for the moment to come. She met his eyes and touched his cheek and kissed him more deeply than she had ever kissed anybody in her whole life.
He guided himself between her legs and ran his hands from her thighs to her hips, and plunged himself into her. The sheer pleasure of it almost knocked her out. Sensations pulsated to every part of her body with each thrust he gave. She wanted him to have her utterly as much as she wanted him. She clutched his body and could feel her nails sinking into his skin, but this only seemed to add to his enthusiasm. She felt moans escape her body as she came closer and closer to her climax. Her moans seemed to encourage him because he began to increase his thrusting and quick heated breaths escaped his mouth and warmed the base of her neck. Then, she could contain it no longer. She rose up like a phoenix, the fire of her pleasure burning in the place where he was inside her. He too, came at that moment and Gabrielle lustily strained against his body so that he was completely inside her. She slowly came down, satisfied like never before. She sank into a calm as the stranger laid himself beside her and pulled the covers over them. He kissed her on he cheek and held her. She returned his kisses with many kisses to the face and neck. Each was heartfelt and filled with a love she couldn’t explain. She soon fell into a deep sleep in the arms of the stranger.
Gabrielle woke the next morning to find herself back in her apartment. She was tucked neatly into her own bed
and her clothes were folded neatly on the table beside her. On top of her clothes was a black rose and a note bearing her name. ‘Strange.’ she thought, because they hadn’t spoken at all. He shouldn’t have known her name anymore than she knew his. She took the note and the rose and sat up in bed. She smelled the perfume of the rose which was heavy and sweet. The note had her name in bold calligraphy on heavy cream-colored paper. On the reverse was a black wax seal fastening the note closed. The seal bore a coat of arms with a dragon and a sword printed on it and a banner whose words she couldn’t make out. She opened the note and was astonished by what she read.

Wait for me here tomorrow at sunset.
There is a gift for you hanging in the closet.
Until that hour.

Gabrielle got out of bed, still naked, to see what was in her closet. She opened it to find a gown of black velvet hanging there. She took it out and laid it on her bed. It had angel sleeves and a low-cut neckline over a corseted bodice. On the stiffened bodice, a dragon snaked up from the waist to the bust, embroidered in blue silk. It was exquisite. Gabrielle tried it on immediately. It was a perfect fit. She looked and felt splendid in it. But as gorgeous as the gown was, she was apprehensive about the next night. What was she getting herself into, she wondered. To find out, she would have to wait until tomorrow night……………………….

*although the concept was by me, my friend Valerie wrote this story*