The message

The writing on the walls
On stalls in decaying
Truck stops
Behind deserted alleyways

And on trains
In between the lines
The secret lurks
Calling to those who bother
Like a great and secret show
It breathes life into the lifeless
Muffled madness
Makes sense beneath the moon
As you sift through discarded love letters
And hate mail
Piecing the puzzle
Behind the busy world of hypocrisy
Worlds are born, conquered and destroyed
All in the breath of
A child
That blows
The seeds off of a dandelion underneath
The summer sun
TV evangelists preach and cry
As the messages is leaked thru lying eyes
Behind clandestine smiles
The love of the world shines through
Dragging itself on the face of
A hung over bum that
Can’t stop
About how his wife ate their kids
And went back for seconds
Smiling and dirty
Insanity speaks clearly
It speaks of the
And secret show
No need to purchase tickets my dear friend
This kind of show is free
Fasten your seat belts and bolt down your mind
This is gonna be one hell of a ride
Spread the message

Searching for a revelation
A promise
In poorly lit alleyways
False prophets
Consume innocence
As well as your cash
” For $ 500 dollars you will be cleansed of Sin! Do I hear an Amen? Brothers and Sisters!? ”
Societies eyes are closed
To the people who need
Who work for Food
And no have to place to sleep
Children are starving in our back yard
In our schools
Next door the little neighbor girl
Goes to bed hungry and alone
” Hush baby mommies gotta work a double shift. Don’t answer that door or the phone.
Mommy loves you”
And we close our eyes
Still searching
For a revelation
A promise
In self help books and Reader’s Digest
As they claim that they have the answers
With 5 day diets and tips on how to keep your man
TV ads and billboards
Shout and clammer for your attention
As our nation crumbles
With each innocent
That we lose
Internal pain
Violent acts
From suppressed Rage
Innocence is becoming extinct
Forever onward and forward
We march
We search
For a
A promise of salvation
Yet we close our eyes….

There is this fire that burns within me
No matter what I do or say do
It is going to consume me
With every word that I drop…
With every sentence I cant stop
Wanting to paint and create
To feed your mind and ease my soul
My confessor
It is with you and my release do I find just a
Slice of salvation
You know
I am junkie that turns to words to feed my addiction
With every letter
I quiver with anticipation
I want to be so much
Than what I am
Struggle and walk thru the fire
Never mind the burnt hands
Not wanting just a slice
Or just a piece
But the whole fucking pie
And with you
With you
My ultimate lover
The very truest of friends
Can I take what is mine
And make it yours at the same time
With every noun
With every verb
I make my/your world
I blaze to generate your every fantasy and fear
Come closer… let me tell you a story

In circles i turn
And i burn
and i scream
and i bleed
Just to see
That all this
is slowly
Consuming me
Every inch
Every part
Every strand
That I am
Becomes ashes
To dust
and goes back
To the land
and i yearn
and i cry
and i seethe
Just to be
Yet i can’t
and it comes back at the end
So i rage
and i scream
and i see
as i bleed
That this all starts and
ends with me…