“The Mist”

I deserve someone better than the one who likes to twist and pull my heart in a thousand endless directions. But the one who does this undesirable pain, is the one who I burn for. The one who made me feel the highest, I never feeling more sound and whole than ever before.

Knowing what is right before you is too good to be true, and it is, because it is taken away from you and crashes so hard your chest can barely have strength to breath. It milks the mind, the body, and the soul. Falling for the same person once and feeling an ache that never vanishes. A year passes, feeling like forever. The ache is an un-thinning mist around the soul. Falling for the one again and risking this burning hurt to feel the highest once more. Willing to give up he who treats you like an angel always flying by your side with good deeds and smiles. But I, I am aching for the one who hurts me. The one who hides his feelings in the darkness. The one who is like a devil. The one who comes and goes in his time of need. The one who makes me burn with love. Not melt, but burn. The one who seems to feed off of this mist of heartache. The sun has only shined on my life twice. I would give this angel away in a heartbeat to feel from the one who makes me insane. I know the one will never come again. Now I have to live with this mist of heartache I caused for myself, and the unknown mist of betrayel I cause for thy sweet angel. This pain would become ice if thy angel was to know of the one, for the one is near.

By Sinuous

19 female Texas