Angelica laid in bed
Deep within her resting When the solemn whisper Awoke and beckoned her Under the covers

She sat up
Bare breasted
As well as the rest
Of her firm voluptous body Black hair and green eyes she had
Nearby in a plush chair
Laid her sultry red
See through nightgown
Angelica stepped out of bed
Not to awaken
Her sleeping husband Andre
She stepped barefooted
And nude
Toward the plush chair
To her silky red nightgown
She tied up her sensual gown
With just a single tie around
The neck
While the rest of her features
Still being revealed
The solemn whisper
Calls out once again
‘Angelica’ it says
She then falls
Into an hypnotic state
Like dreamwalking
As she walks
Toward the window door
And the outside terrace
The window door opens
To the terrace
Overlooking a beautiful
And majestic courtyard
With a botanical maze
Directly behind it for miles
The night breeze hits her fair skin
As she awakens
From her state of mesmerization
Angelica leaned forth on the terrace
And to her amazement
She saw something phenomenal
Rolling into the courtyard
From the botanical maze
What could it be she pondered
It looked like fog
But not clear or thick enough
A mysterious blue MIST
Had seeped into the courtyard
Almost lifelike it seemed
It corraled around the courtyard
Just hovering like it’s waiting
For something or someone
The whisper called out again
‘Come to me Angelica’
Angelica was tranced again
She made her way
To the courtyard
As she walked into the area
Outside the courtyard
The blue mist seemed to separate
Making an entrance
For her to enter the courtyard
As she passed through
Her body felt a cold shiver
It was cold like death
She then walked
Over to a marble bench
And laid on her back
She then unveiled
Her red sultry nightgown
And placed it on the ground
The mist seemed to swar
To her warm and firm naked body
It surrounded her nakedness
And proceeded to pleasure her
Angelica moaned in ecstacy
As she pressed her breasts together
And panted relentlessly
Her inner juices were flowing
As she succumbed
To many multiples orgasms
Then the mist seemed to morph
Took the shape of a dark figure
The dark figure was a vampire
His features were vain
A prime specimen
He was immortal
But looked almost human
He inched his way
Up to Angelica’s sweet neck
As she still moaned
After all the pleasure she endured
The vampire found his spot
The sweet spot on her neck
Razor sharp fangs in play
He sunk them into her veins
And had a delightful feast
While she still moaned
Ever so more
Eyes closed and panting
Her destiny resided
With an age old legend
Whom entered her courtyard
And life
Disguised as a horde of blue mist.

By Brandon1

28 and from Louisiana.Graduated from technical college with degree in computer information systems.Love to write movies and dark and erotic poetry.Love rock music with a passion.Bands like Type O Negative and Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots and Godsmack.