The Moonlight Club

When I picked her up at her house, She met me at the door wearing black on black, a gothic beauty if I had ever seen one. Just the sight of her made my heart and thoughts race.

Her name was Svetlana. She was of Russian decent, and loved to hit the clubs late at night. We had met on an internet site a few months back but never really did anything formal.

Tonight would be different.

We got to the Moonlight Club around 10:30-ish. It was rather crowded but the sights of the smokey lights and everyone dancing and making out made the tight quarters seem unimportant.

We sat down on a rather soft, plush, love seat and ordered a couple of drinks. Wine was always her favorite. It wasn’t long before two hot young girls came up to us and asked if they could join us. Svetlana looked at me and nodded aprovingly. The blond, Lisa, sat next to me, and the long, auburn haired beauty, Raven, sat next to Svetlana. Lisa leaned over almost immediately and began rubbing the inside of my leg. I looked up at Svet, to see if this was pissing her off. She was to busy with Raven’s tongue licking at her own to notice.

“I think your girlfriend likes Raven.” Lisa whispered in my ear.
I whispered back, you have no idea. I saw Svetlana, move her head down to nuzzle Raven’s neck… I knew what was comming and quickly distracted Lisa by kissing her fully on her soft warm, lips. I sucked her tongued and massaged it with mine. Her moans were soft and she began looking for the object of her desire.

I heard Raven give a muffled yelp. I looked just in time to see her eyes roll back and close in sexual lust, but new Svet was feeding. Svet never took long or made anything obvious. When she finished she laid Raven back in the seat as if she were helping her to sleep.

“Lisa, I think your friend’s passed out. Svet is bi, does that bother you? We came here tonight to find some friends who we could enjoy.” I said.

“I don’t mind at all.” said Lisa. “Sorry for raven’s behavior, she doesn’t normally pass out like that.”

“Not a problem, we understand.” I said.

Svetlana sat behind Lisa and placed her arms around her stomach and then began kissing her neck as she let her hands travel upwards cupping Lisa’s breasts. Lisa closed her eyes and submitted to Svet’s expert touch. I was ragin hard but knew that this was completely for my beloved Russian vampire. Lisa turned her head to meet Svet’s inviting mouth and the two kissed deeply and with firey passion. Svet’s hands went under Lisa’s shirt. Her fingers traced circles around Lisa’s nipples. Lisa moaned lustily and her head rested on Svetlana’s shoulder. Svet began licking and delivering baby kissess all along Lisa’s neck. I could smell the musk of Lisa’s sex. Svet looked at me and winked. I saw her fangs for just a brief instant before shesank them into Lisa’s soft flesh. Lisa had been under Svetlana’s spell and barely flinched as my bride allowed the heart to pump the sweet nectar into her mouth. Again she finished and lay the girl next to her friend.

“Are you pleased my love?” I asked. Svet looked at me and dabbed the corners of her mouth, letting me lick the remaining blood from her fingers. “Yes my pet.” she said.

I am hers and she is mine. We fill each others needs. I am mortal and she is a Vampiress. Although it may be unnatural, I could never think of my life without her. Together, we are one.

By AquarianKnight

Hi! I live in Memphis, TN and enjoy readnig stories that are a bit out of the ordinary. Enjoy the darker side of things with a bit of fantasy and taboo. Write me sometime and say hi!