The Most Memorble Escapades Ever

The night was active with people from everywhere in one place. Carmen was right there too. She blended in with those who were there. Her black short hair, black dress and black boots weren’t an unusual thing.

The night was active with people from everywhere in one place. Carmen was right there too. She blended in with those who were there. Her black short hair, black dress and black boots weren’t an unusual thing.
Carmen was there with her closest friend, Eli. He too blended in with the scene. Tall black, spikey hair, and a long black trenchcoat.
Though Carmen and Eli went together, they took different likings at the club. Eli went over to the bar attempting to pick up some “ladies” and Carmen went out to the dancefloor, watching the band play. She shook her body around, twisting and turing, headbanging. The night sped on, and Carmen remained alone. She began to become weary, and stepped over to the bar to be replenished with some liquid. She got a bottle of water, even though she wanted a glass of wine. Carmen sipped on the water, staring at her surroundings. She then spotted someone who struck her by his beauty. He approached her, and with a simple glance, he had her. “My name’s Eric.” He said over the music. Carmen stared at longish black hair, like hers, except his was curly. He too was wearing all black. Though if described, Eric seemed to look like everyone else, he didn’t. He had a sense of difference that struck Carmen.
-“My name is Carmen.” She stuttered. Eric took a seat her.
-“Mind if I sit here?” Eric asked. Carmen reponded to Eric’s quiestion with a nod. “So, why are you here alone?” He asked.
-“I’m not. I’m here with my friend, but he’s preoccupied.” Carmen let out a laugh.
-“Want to dance?” Eric said changing the subject. He stood up and grabbed Carmen’s hand, and led themselves to the dancefloor.
Eric stared at Carmen as they both danced. Carmen took a glimpse of his package. She couldn’t help at wonder what was hidden, but she restained herself. –Eric and Carmen’s dancing progressed, and they became winded. Again, Carmen decided to rest, but by the wall. Eric followed, and strutted like he had a plan. Carmen stood against the wall, sweat pouring down her face, to her neck. Eric stood in front of her. “I know you don’t get tired that easily.” He said. Carmen, still breathing hard looked tiredly at the beautiful man in front her her. And with that, Eric grabbed her hand and led her outside where the cool air flew upon both their faces. Eric and Carmen got into his car, and drove away.
They drove to an apartment building where Eric lived. They both got out of the car, and walked upstairs. Eric, being so touchy, wouldn’t stop touching Carmen’s waist. Finally, during their long walk up the stairs, Carmen stopped. She faced Eric, and touched his slim cheek. She kissed him on the lips. He literally took her breath away. Still kissing, they led themselves upstairs, hoping not to trip.
Finally they got to Eric’s apartment, and stumbled in. The walls painted red, and the black leather couched seemed like nice living.
Eric and Carmen parted finally. “I want to fuck you so hard.” Eric said. He thrust Carmen against a wall, and starting kissing her neck, up and down. He started feeling her inner thigh, stopping himself before entering his fingers into her. He slid his hand up her legs, and on her abdomen, touching her lacy underwear. Eric, still kissing her neck, backed away, and Carmen followed. Eric threw Carmen against the bed in an open room. “Stay right there.” He said, and disappeared. He came back, holding some cloths. He tied Carmen to the bed. The girl let out a smile. She flashed her black eyes at Eric, letting him know it was okay. That he could do whatever he wanted to do to her.
Eric pulled his shirt off, exposing his bare chest. He slid Carmen’s dress up, exmposing her undergarments. He touched her stomach, and kissed it softly. He put his finger under the the line of her underwear, and snapped it. He pulled off her panties, and kissed her softly, again. He then fondled at her bra, finally getting that off too. Carmen’s dress was still on though, so he pulled that over her head, so it hung on her tied arms. Eric looked at the nude masterpiece that he had total control of. He jolted his mouth her colorbone, and licked it, sliding his tongue down her body. Carmen let out a moan. Eric arrived Carmen’s puss. Instead kissing her clit, he stuck his finger inside her. Carmen let out a hesitant moan again. Eric went slow, and pulled out his fingers. It was time for more fun. He stood up, and grabbed a razor that sat on his nightstand. He cut a small slit into her breast, and licked the blood. Eric’s manhood was now ready, still fondling the bloody breast with his tongue, Eric found Carmen’s puss with his dick. He stuck in her, and went slow at first. Then the pace quickened. He went harder and harder. Carmen screamed in pleasureable agony. Eric stopped for a moment.
-“You want more?” He asked. Carmen nodded, licking her lips. And so Eric gave her more. He continued with harder pace than before. It hurt so good.
Just as they finished their rendevous, Eric kissed Carmen one last time.
-“I’ll see you again.” He whispered, and as she walked out the door, he handed her a paper with his number on it.