The Murder

It’s not nothing you haven’t experienced before and you know it is deep down inside of you, the urge to kill. That is what you want to do, well that’s what I’ve accomplished. It wasn’t that hard. Haha to kill is just another entertainment for me, perhaps the only entertainment for me,hahaha. It’s so fun to watch them in terror, the horrid screams, the wide opened eyes that is filled with fear. And next thing you know, off with their heads, arms and legs. Ah…what joy. My first victim, the lady down at the bar. She had long brown silky hair, green eyes and a soft voice. All too simple! That night I sat down and ordered a beer. I took my first sip and looked at her and she looked back. “Hi there! My name is Fred.” I said. She answered with that soft flowing voice of hers,” Hi my name is Valentine. Nice to meet you!” That was how it started and we went into a deeper conversation. I ordered her many drinks, getting more drunk one after the other. Finally she was drunk as a rock, took her out on a little ride to the country side. I stopped my car and opened the door on her side and helped her out. There we were at the broken down house the everybody feared, about ghost and vampires, the superstitious things. Walked through the doorless entrance and up the creeky stairs. She dropped on to a old mattress and slept like a log. I took out my lovely knife and went for it. First her left arm! Ahh…the gore!! What excitement, what joy. There her scream pierced through the silent night. “Wha..whattt…are..youuu…doiiing?!?!” She asked with tears streaming down her lovely skin. In one hand was her arm and the other was the sharp knife that shined in the moonlight. I went forward for her other arm and this time it was even more exciting, to watch how she feared me and for her dear life. She was too scared to move anywhere, paralyzed to where she was. There off her other arm, hahaha more blood!! She fainted from the agonizing pain. “Aww…what fun can this be now? You dumb gurl…fainted when I was just beginning with my fun!” I kicked her once in the sides. I cut off both of her legs and when it was only left the head and the body, I gave her a lovely little kiss on her tender lips and said my farewell. Leaving no evidence I left the scene of the crime or should I say my wonderland.

That was my first and was not my last, you should hear about the many other murders I’ve done. Maybe you would from me, the so called Fred. We shall see about that

By AngelofDeath88

I'm a dead person who walks the Earth day and night! No soul or life can cheer me up for I am AngelofDeath! More death and less living!!! There is no meaning in life!!