The Night Darkness Consumed Me pt. II

What did I just do? Did I just accept to be his? I look up at Edge, seeing things I hadn’t been able to see in the darkness of the club. He was…. beautiful. His face was perfect, with the looks that all the women in the world would fight over. Yet he chose me…. “You look as though you’re not sure.”, Edge said with a note of dispair. “I’m not.” He looked at me with a pained look but soon it was swept away as the look of primal hunger replaced it. I looked down and I realized that I wasn’t in the clothes that I had worn to the club. Instead I was wearing a blood red satin gown, revealing but yet not showing enough. My gaze wandered back up and my breath snagged in my throat as I looked into his eyes. It looked as if he was undressing me with his eyes. He slowly took off his jacket and shirt and I was finally able to see how muscular he was. He had a sinful bod and I had to clamp my lips together to prevent myself from moaning. He was just so beautifully sculptured…. He slowly began to walk forward, as an animal stalking its prey, his eyes keeping mine captive. He unbuckled his belt and slid out of his black leather pants and boxers. Oh my…. His erection slid out, slowly rising up to his belly. I felt my nipples harden and a wetness crept in between my thighs. I realized that was backing up in the king-sized bed, but yet he still followed, stalking me. The bed dipped from his weight as he crawled towards me, tempting me. I backed up all the way to the headboard and realized that I was trapped. He reached out to me, ensnaring me in his arms. His face was mere inches from mine and I felt his warm breath fanning my cheeks. I looked down at his lips as I licked my own. His gaze dropped to my mouth as I did so. He came closer, pulling me against him. Closer still…. Then he stopped. He just kept looking at me with his sinfully dark eyes. My heart was pumping faster, wanting him to kiss me so badly. He took my mouth, as if he had read my mind, his tongue begging for an entrance. I opened to him, letting myself drown in him, our tongues dueling for control. I felt his hands roam all over my body. He cupped my breasts and lifted them. He went lower still, under my gown to gain access to my bare skin. My whole body felt as if it were on fire. I moaned into his mouth, wanting more. He pulled the gown over my head and I felt him kiss my neck, sucking on the wounds he had left there. He went lower still, his kisses as light as a butterfly’s touch. I felt him pull my nipple into his mouth, grazing it with his teeth. I arched my back and cried out, it felt so good. Then he went to the other nipple and did the same, making me writhe in agony. He planted kisses on my stomach and his tongue licked its way further still. He came to where my thong was and pulled it off with his teeth, slowly revealing what was beneath. He parted my thighs with his icy-cold hands and parted my clit with his fingers. Then he stuck his middle finger inside, as I bucked, taking it in even further. He slowly pushed his finger in and out of my clit, my climax building inside of me. He removed his finger and I whimpered in protest. He replaced his finger with his mouth, his tongue darting inside my folds. I cried out, bucking frantically against his mouth. His hands kneaded my butt cheeks as he continued licking and sucking me. My hands fisted into the sheets, thinking that I couldn’t take anymore of this. Then his mouth left my clit and kissed my mouth with a hunger I had never known. I felt him coming in between my thighs, his penis poking my center. I spread my legs wider and lifted them in an invitation. He groaned as he thrust slowly inside me, sinking in deeply. I wrapped my legs around him, holding on for dear life as he began thrusting deeply in and out of my clit, faster and harder. I lifted my hips, my pelvis smacking against him as he kept pumping into me. “Give yourself to me, Kali. Let yourself go. You know that this is where I belong, forever in between your thighs making love to you.” “Oh God, YES! Edge, please, HARDER!” He thrusted harder into my clit, building up my climax. I felt his ball sack tighten, ready to give a release. He took my mouth again, his tongue thrusting in rhythm with his thrusting into me. I felt the beginning of my orgasm and screamed out his name as the waves took me. “Kali!”, he groaned as I felt his juices rush into me. He collapsed on top of me, our breathing out of control. He rased himself up onto his elbows and looked down at me. I looked up into his eyes and felt an emotion I had never felt before. I looked up into his eyes and saw…. my world. This is where I belonged. It all made sense now. He pressed his lips against mine in a short but tender kiss that brought tears to my eyes. “Please, Kali. Be mine forever. I can’t imagine my life without you. I can give you a world with love and comfort, something you’ve never had before. Stay with me. I love you….” The look he gave me was enough to steal my heart away and I felt tears welling up in my eyes. “I never thought I would say this, but I love you, too. I want to be with you in every sense of the word.” “So you’ll stay?”, he said, his face lighting up with joy. “Yes, I’ll stay….” “Forever?” “No, just for a day…. Of course forever!” He took my mouth with his in a kiss that sealed both our fates. Then he looked down at me, this time with a look of seriousness. “I will have to make you like me to stay together forever, you know…. Are you sure you’re up to it?” “Not right now I’m not, but I’m ‘up’ for something else….”, I said on a teasing note, “As are you, I believe….”, as I felt him harden again against my thigh. “Hmmm I guess I am….” I fipped him on his back, the look of surprise apparent in his eyes. “I’m in the mood for a bit of a ride. Are you?” “Heh…. ride me ’til you can’t ride me anymore.” “My pleasure.” I spread my thighs, took his erection into my hands, stroking him and rubbing my clit against him. Then I lifted myself up and took him inside. I slid up and down his length, the friction building up. “Ride me good, Kali…. Oh God yes….”, he said as he thrust his hips up hard. I rode him harder and harder, sliding up and down his erection until we both came apart, bursting into pieces. He rolled on top of me, his dick still inside my clit and asked, “Are you ready now?” “Yes, I’m ready.” He kissed me deeply and then trailed kisses down my neck, his fangs grazing my skin. I felt him grow hard again inside me and he began to make love to me again. I felt his fangs pierce my skin and sink nto my vein. He nearly drank me dry and then slit his wrist and allowed me to drink his blood. The transformation began….

I woke to find that my senses had heightened now that I was a vampire. I saw Edge in a chair beside the bed, watching me. “Here’s some breakfast.” He gave me a glass of blood and I drank it up. It tasted wonderful. “Hmmmm…..”, I moaned as I drank it up. “Good?” “Yes, but I’d rather taste you.” “I’m happy to oblige.” He walked over to the bed and kissed me like as if we had been apart for a long time. “I love you, Kali.” “I love you, too, Edge. I’m yours forever now and you can’t get rid of me. Now what are you gonna do to me next?” “Make love to you until you’ve had enough”, he said with a wink. “Oh I’ll never be able to get enough of you, Edge, never……..”

By CrimsonRose

The Darkness consumes me.... and I love it....