the nite…. part. 1

she entered through black gates, with points that would kill anything that thought it could go over the towering rods. her face was silver in the moonlight as the moon lit up her face, and as she walked on the pebbled path it sounded like carriges pulled by horses that were never there.

she stepped with gace and avoided the great towering rose bushes that looked nothing more then black stems bleeding and wavering in the wind like they were reaching out and trying to prick her. “ding…dong…ding…” she lookd up into the face of a giant clock that rose out of a giant tower. “i want some time alone b4 i go” she said trying to sound confident, but u could definaty hear the tremble in her voice. “U may, there r some small ponds in the bushes”, ” i have to walk through those?” she pointed a long white and slender finger towards the towering rose bushes, “yes,sarah may come with u. sarah?”, “yes sir?” a tall skinny, yet beautiful girl came from the few people who acompanied her, “lead her to one of the small ponds. i beleive she would like some ‘privite’ time”, “yes sir”. she and sarah walked a ways and then took a sharp turn to the left and soon turned up in nothing more then a puddle. “here is the ‘pond'” sarah said, “ill move over there and leave u alone”. she looked at the “pond” and a drop of blood fell into the water. it swaved a round a while and made something like a face being streched and pulled by unseen forces, then disappered into the murky bottom. she touched the place on her cheek that was bleeding from one of the rose bushes.”we should go now” sarah said now emerging from some rose bush as though she had just emerged from thin air. “but i..” “NOW” sarah said and then started to lead the way back to the path. once both her and sarah were back on the path they started moving towards the giant manson again….

By morgan_ly_faye

In your face Jay!