The One That Got Away

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts? Just to see them pass by makes your heart ache. When they bearly brush your arm or hand your whole body flashes with heat and you just want to hold them close.

Do you know that feeling? How you would do anything to stop them from hurting, even if it meant that you couldn’t be with them. Or when they’re crying you’d stop the world just to wipe one tear away. It feels like your phyically hurting inside. Also how their smile lights up the world and you would do anything just to spend one day in their arms. Can you think of just one true love you had to leave behind? Did you store those memories away in a special corner of your mind? Do you remember the first time you saw them and the day after that, and after that? Or how you felt when you locked eyes and a slow smiles spread across their face? Their warm body next to yours and the world just felt right. Have you ever felt that way about someone? Has someone felt that way about you? Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you looked in the moonlight or how their laugh was like music to your ears? How sweet your voice sounded in the morning, how peaceful you looked when you slept, how much I loved seeing you day, after day, after day. My heart yearns for yours and how I wished yours yearned for mine.Can I not press this enough? ‘Oh god’, you’d pray in your silent prayers,’Please, just this once can’t I hold them?’You want them so bad, but they’re so out of reach. You sigh, you breath, you simply need.

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By Fallenangelfire

My name is Charity Linda Hollis. I'm almost sixteen and a sophomore in high school. I live in south cali, to me known as hell. I like to bite...ask anyone of my victiams.....


  1. wow, did that hit close to home or what. Sometimes no matter how much you love someone things go wrong. I’ve been there. I lost someone I loved due to my own stupidity and it took me a year and a half just to get him out my head. It hurt so badly I just wanted to die. Depression was always there. He seemed okay though. I saw him all the time, him and his new girlfriend. I had so much spite. But now I’m just happy he’s happy. Love lasts forever. It’s just a shame that relationships don’t. We keep in touch now, he knows how i feel and he feels the same, but we both know that past is past, and we’ve both learnt to move on.

  2. its been 3 years………. I still feel that way about the girl I love….but lost………. it never goes away

  3. felt that way about sumone: Yes
    sumone feeling that way about me: *****, NEVER

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