the one who broke me down

you are the one i will always want
you were the one i always will love
your the one i thought would always be there
and the one who would always care

i missed you by only a mile in this world
and then when i found you again
you left me again
will i ever see you again
i dont know
it is my hope i will
as well as my despair
i wish i could just hold you
wish i could just be with you
but you seek only to hurt me
soo it seems
you said you loved me
why then did you leave
you said you wnated to be with me
then why did u run
my only wish was to make you happy
it was my only dream
now i think about you constantly
and know my heart is ripped at the seam
you were the one who put it back together
and the one who has torn it apart
maybe one day a dream will come true….

By shadowedlight

momento morten vitae sequens. (remember death follows life)