The other world-chapter one

It was a warm summer night. Jessica started walking down a dark, damp alley way. She felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. Turning around to find no one, she got the chills as a breeze blew through the alley. Turning back around to finish her walk, she unexecptly bumped into someone. She jumping slighty off the ground from the shock.
“Oh my god!” Jessica yelped. “Oh, it’s only you Jack. Don’t ever do that again you scared the crap out of me.” She put her hand over her heart for a second and took two deep breaths.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.” Jack set his hand on Jessica’s shoulder pulling her some what closer. “Want to come walk with me?”
Jessica sighed and whispered in his ear, “Not tonight. I have to go to work tomorrow.”
Jack backed away and tilted his head back looking towards the sky and pausing for a minute. Looking back down at Jessica and hugging her. “We never hang out anymore, I’m begining to think you don’t want to be my friend.” Jack giggled just barely.
“Now you know thats not true. I’ve already skipped alot of work to hang out with you and if I miss anymore I’ll be fired. Make you a deal, stop scaring me and I’ll hangout with you next friday. Hows that?” Jessica step closer and stared into Jack’s dark blue, almost black eyes.
“Alright, I guess, even though i think you should quit you know I’d take of you. Anyway I’ll talk to you tomorrow. ” Jack kissed her soft cheek with his touchably, perfect lips. He started walking in the opposite direction of the way Jessica was going. She turned and watch him walk around the corner. Sighing, Jessica walked on home.
She put in the key, unlocked the door and walked in flippng the light switch on. Jessica walk to the living room and sat down on the window seal bed and staring out the window. Yawning, she fell fast asleep while thinking about Jack and all the time they have spent together through out the years. She had always been in love wiht him and the idea of her quiting work and letting Jack take care of her didn’t sound to bad.
Next friday seemed to come very quickly for Jessica. Finally meeting Jack at club Lanorise she decided to finally take that walk with him before going in. Jack held Jessica closely as they walked passed club Lanorise. The music pounding so heavy in their heads, you couldn’t hear a thing execpt for the deep goth music. Stepping into alley way by the club and sitting down. She loved being with Jack no matter where they were.
“Do you believe in vampires?”
“What kind of a question is that Jack?”
“Well do you?”
Hugging Jessica tightly and standing up Jack pulled Jessica with him. “I want you to meet some of my friends that just moved here.”
“Alright.” Jessica could never say no to Jack. After about 15 minutes of walking they stopped. Jack slowly leaned down kissing Jessica and she couldn’t refuse the chance to kiss him even if it was in the middle of a crowded street.
“I thought you didn’t like me?”
Jack gentle started kissing Jessica’s neck. It felt he was giving her a hicky until the she felt two fang like things started to bite into her neck.
“God stop it that! That hurt what the hell were you trying to do?”
“Sorry that was in accident. Where almost there, come on.”
This time they started running. (where are we going?). Stopping at anbandoned warehouse. The darkness and the boarded up windows gave Jessica the creeps. “Were not going in there are we?”
“Of course we are.” Hearing a scream coming from inside Jessica pulled away. Jack grabbed Jessica’s arm and with one swift tug pulled her inside.