The pain of a broken heart

the pain i feel for you is never ending
it hurts to think, i hurts to look at you,
it hurts to talk, it hurts so bad that i cant even
say your name any more each time i try to say
your name i feel like some one stabed me in the heart
over and over again the pain is unberable it was
only day that it took you to take my pain that i have been
carrin all day long and you take it and rip my heart
out with it all togeter now you have my heat and soul now
i have nothing left but the world to hate and the way
time flows in its ungodly hourly toll look at me now what do you see?…. i see the eyes of a subdore that
slowly takes away the heart and souls and that is like
a drug a never endin drug for you it is like your life
source you have to have a never ending suply or else
you may die or somit some horrid crime….

By ghost ridder

lost n alone in this place taht they call reality her with my boyfriend he is all that matters to me