The Passing of the Darkness



The blade sings in this blasphemous hell
It calls upon the Crone, upon her spell
All that was once good and just will fall
Death to all that lies within the sacred hall

Haunted by nightmares, you will find no sleep
Instead you will be frightened by the dark and weep
Here she comes, the Evil, the Hag of Night
She binds your voice, restrains your sight

Her spells call forth the flaming hounds
The dead rise from the darkness of their mounds
Swords are drawn and blood runs red
Forgotten is the laws of old and what was said

There she comes, the dark sorceress and wraith
Bringer of Doom, Harvester of Hate
Dark and terrible is the power she unlocks
At the sacred and blessedly holy Equinox

Calling to the underworld, she summons pain
Swarm of locusts, fire and unholy rain
To a dark and unforgiving sky we pray
Wishing for nothing but the light of day

And see, the Maiden hears our plea
For once more she comes before me
Bringing the dawn and blissful light
She vanquish the evil and makes it all right

Have faith in thy Goddess for the evil has passed
And now we are free to celebrate at long last
So give praise and call thy priest
For now it is time to feast!

By Daermion

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster himself." -Friedrich Nietzche