Pathetic: adjective (pa·thet·ic)

1: having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity

2: marked by sorrow or melancholy: sad

3: pitifully inferior or inadequate

4: absurd, laughable

Thanks to Merriam-Webster for the definition. Now for an example, may I present Todd McFarlane. The guy who created Spawn. We are going to be subjected to another lousy, waste-of-celluloid movie featuring the character. (With McFarlane himself directing!) Jamie Foxx, who made for such a lousy Electro in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (a pretty pathetic movie in its own right), will be playing the title role, aka flogging the hide off a dead and stinking horse. The first movie sucked and the first movie bombed. Not surprising, considering that the comic on which it was based sucked.

I remember the early 90s, when Spawn the comic book first came out. I read an interview McFarlane did where he was explain how much his character was like Batman and how much it was like Spider-Man. Even at a more tender age, when my tastes were considerably less refined than they are today, I remember thinking that it did not bode well that McFarlane kept comparing his character to other, established characters. It hinted at derivative-ness, a lack of originality. Trying to cash-in on somebody else’s work, in other words.

Time passed. All the pimply-faced 12-year-olds who originally bought duplicate copies of SPAWN grew older and realized the book sucked. The comic went away. If only McFarlane would do the same.

Now McFarlane wants to see a movie wherein Spawn fights Venom, the character he helped create for Marvel Comics. Still trying to cash-in. It ain’t gonna happen, Todd. Especially after your new movie tanks like a battleship they forgot to put a bottom on.