the perfect suicide

“i stand in my bathroom the sharpest razor in my right hand, and in my left, a red rose grasped tightly in my palm. the thorns pricking my hands. starign at my reflection in the mirror in disgust. so imperfect. i hate what i see. thoughts of every lost love and broken heart running threw my mind.a single silent tear rolls down my cheek. it will be the last of the thousands ive shed. i rais my right arm and draw the sharp end of the razor to my neck. with one swift motin, i slit my throat. such a beautiful cut. the kind that dosent bleed right away. and you can see inside your skin. then the blood starts to flow. so quickly like a river running. the blood starts to stain the collar of my shirt. i lie myself down in the water filled bathtub. submerging my whold body up to my lips. i watch the clear water turn to a cloudy red. and everythgin begins to fade into black. now i can see myself as if i were floating above. i look down upon my dead lifeless body. the red rose that was held so tightly ’till death, now lies wilted on the floor. small drops of blood in my palms from the thorns. and at that moment i felt truly free. truly happy. nothing could take this feeling away from me. not “him” not “her” not my parents, not my friends, none of your so called gods. no one. bacause now.. im free forever. theres no going back.”

By XAfraidOfLosingX

Hi My Name Is Amanda. Im Rude, Obnoxious, Self-absorbed, and Cold Hearted. i Dont Need Any More Friends.. So Dont Try To Impress Me...