The Person I Hate Most

Don’t like the way I feel, I can’t take it anymore,
What is this shit I feel, what the fuck is all this for?
Emotions all mixed up as I sit here and drain the cup,
Just make it go away, as my heart starts to decay.

With negative thoughts possessed, self-image I detest,
Why am I so depressed? The reason I request.
I have no feeling besides the hate
The anger, the pain, the stress of my fate

Never my intention, to get too much attention,
But all my hidden problems, are causing too much tension.
I feel as though I’m dead already, sitting here I’m so unsteady,
Thoughts arise from deep inside me, when will someone hear my plea.

Surrounded by happiness so strong and thick,
The smiles, the love, it makes me sick,
To know I’ll never have a slice,
I sit in pain and I think twice,
’bout all the things I’ve never had,
My soul extinguished, mind’s gone mad.

By: ÐêåÐ Ïññër §åñ¢tûm

By DeadInnerSanctum

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