the pit

Blood is on the minds of millions of innocent children, searching for an answer to this emptiness that harbors our death wish. We hold, in our hand, the power to steal…but nothing is taken without payment. Give and take, live and let live. No harm done, no penalty. Even the most gentle of beings get judged by the monster.

This is no dragon, no giant, this is a group, a society, a network. This monster is sacrificing the happiness of the innocent for suicide. This monster is killing off what may be our last chance. Children beaten down and left to bleed and to cry, they are screaming but no one cares, no one sees them. They are ilrelevent, theses children are…they are the children of you and yours and people you know. They are outcasts these children are. They are banned from beliefs of any sort of rebelion or belief in other gods. But these children need no god. These children worship themselves. They are good and are portrayed as evil, yet they are shunned and thrown away. Put on display for window shoppers to point and stare and mock. These children are not different, they are not unique. The children are minions banned together to have their freedom. They are slaves to the system. Their innocence is overlooked bu ignorant bistandards and admistrators. These children are against everything, against god, against the devil, against you, against me. They refuse to worship the nine inch nails of your so called “christ”. You will never win! The children will perservere. The children will run free. You will die someday. They will to. They know that in the end we are all alone and youve spent your lives convinced that there is always someone looking out for you and your heretic children. These chidren know better than you. These children know fate. They know yours and you can sense it. They can smell the fear in your shattered voice. They can smell failure. The innocent children have a blood lust and a hit list…I guess this means you will die. Too bad we couldn’t save you from the innocent children…they killed us to. We are locked inside our minds and we are rotting here now…welcome to the pit.


  1. That was quite intense, and the repetition of “these children” was very effective. The line “The innocent children have a bloodlust and a hit list” was incredibly powerful. I really liked the whole piece, it flows well. 🙂

  2. I liked that. It reads like a story, but somehow I suspect it’s more than that. It was strange, I couldn’t quite figure it out, but it rings true.

  3. Audryn – damn you for stealing my points! I also liked the repetition of “these children” and that one line hit me as well.
    This piece is fantastic, it is so powerful and freaky and… awesome ( I mean literally awesome, not slang awesome)
    Just fantastic, powerful, intense… I love it.

  4. Don’t you think that humans do not belong this world?It is cruel and we are not, it flows alone like our interior selfs yet we can not be alone to live…We dress up for this world in time.Yet the babies are the purest breeds of our origins.We builded a system to bid us safer and now we are drowning in our own bliss.What kind of creatures are we?

  5. You degenerate sub-human

    Stop writing your mindless jewish shit!

    You are a pathetic slave of the zionist

    Hang your self high!

  6. ..sometimes it seemed like a story, others as though it was… happenening… i agree with quiet one ,i couldnt quite figure it out… and yes the bloodlust line was a very nice touch… it was pretty wicked

  7. It’s a story and the truth. Children that are shunned by the so-called “perfect society” will end up replacing their suppressors.

  8. DemonAngel You fucking idiot you seem to think that you have nothing to do with the “so-called perfect society” when you are just as much as a slave to the jew as the rest of the degenerate sub-human filth that infects the aryan way of life, Wake up to your self
    You are just one more puppet of the jew and thats all you will ever be!
    That go’s for the rest of you as well

    Your are not rebbels against society or some out cast, You are the lacky for the jew, You are the same as all the outhers you are the children of zion ,
    Spineless mass of degenerate’s

    The fall of the zionist hold on the aryan race will come to an end,
    and the true aryans will once agian rule this earth!


  9. OOOOhhhhh….I get it….You’re a fucking GERMAN HILLBILLY! HAHAHAHA….and all this time i thought you were normal looking people with all your teeth. Now listen you brother-fucking 2 cent whore. Your Aryan “brotherhood” will never “reclaim your land”. You’re way too into the fuckin bible man. What happened anyway? Did fucking your sister get boring? Or did the taste of pig semen loose it’s kick? Go ass fuck yourslef now. Bet you haven’t done that in a while. Go entertain yourslef elsewhere. Why don’t you go find an Aryan brother with a complexion just a bit darker than yours, beat him dead while ass fucking him, and simultaniously sucking him off.

  10. MasochisticSweetness

    It is clear that your are a perverted degenerate and have a sick jewish mind

    You are truely a kike, Your mindless jewish writting’s is more than anuff to prove that you must be exterminated

    “You’re way too into the fuckin bible man”
    In no way do i have eney compasion for such a sick thing as judeo-cristianity


    Aryan Blut Uber Alles!

  11. Slaughter, I wonder something; do you really think that you are a rebel?How if yea?Not to be counter but I too want to rebel against the system but I couldn’t make it yet though(Years had passed…).I want to know how you get rid from the gargantuan jaws of society.Anyway I am still searching a door out…
    With respect…

  12. Watcher,
    I do not consider my self to be a rebel

    I am a member ot the aryan elite

    The so called system is nothing but a multi-racial sickness that infects milions of aryans and turns them in to jewish slaves
    But just becos thay are aryan dose not make them all right

    Just becos some one has puer aryan blood dose not make them all right
    It is degenerate aryans that are the problem as well, Those who comit racial tresion agianst thre aryan race must be exterminated, Thay will not get a second chance thay will be anihilated

    The new Final Solution will not just focus on the jews, but will focus on all the other races aswell as the aryans that comit tresion, For thay are the sickest of them all

    I am not 100% shure what you wanted to know?… allso what is your blood (ie:race,heritage).

    MasochisticSweetness, For some resion you seem to think that aryan pride is a hillbilly thing, Allmost every member of the reich was verey intelligent
    Such as:
    Adolf Hitler, Dr Joseph Goebbels, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, and the list gos on, But im not going to wast my time telling you about these grate men,
    So End Your Life!.

    Aryan Blut Uber Alles!

  13. Holy shit man,

    Slaughter, When I first saw you screen name, I labeled you as another “Jewbashing maniac” or “old insertnamehere” but you even EXCITE me when I read the passion and full-heartedness of your speech (don’t worry I’m not turning queer on you, I’m just pinging on dangerously high amounts of gurana and caffeine). I’m now glad that we have another nazi, at least this time your not just a pillowcase-wearing, white power red-neck hickish mother fucker, I mean you really have your shit together, When you mentioned the “Final Solution” that reminisces the EXACT NAME of my former political party named FINAL SOLUTION, we were (I emphasize the WERE, we broke up as our oblique vision faded) a combination of Democratic Socialism and Social Cleansing by eradication of impurities and immoralities.

    I’m sure the rest of you hate me now, but at least I’m honest about my past, and I least I have learnt things about life and politics, Like I say,

    I’d rather have a dark and deep conversation, than a bright but shallow one.

  14. Besides that,

    I actually LOVED that post from “Maybe I Am Tak”, I printed it out and put it with my ‘Good reading pile’ which is like Everest now days. I will always respect your comments and read your posts now, you made a great impression on me.

    So to Maybeimtak, I applaud your superb writing and dark outlook of this whole chaotic blood bath called “Western Society”.

  15. thicktears,

    The full name of the Final Solution is

    ‘The Final Solution To The Jewish Problem’

    And one day it will happen!

  16. I was aware of that,

    Our symbol was somewhat a hybrid of the swatika, mixed with the letters F & S, our slogan was “Freedom, Unity, Equality” but we were just mixed up, lost if you would say it.

  17. I never hated jews or blacks, just gangs, power mongers, current government bodies, I followed Hitlers methods and ways of speeking (bar the accent!) but didn’t beleive his Jewish hating views ran any deeper than his post life to politics. I respect his inteligence and his willingness to climb to the top, but my conscience shall never faulter me on the subject of racial persicutiom.

  18. Why say that one race, ‘aryan’, if you will, is any more superior than any other racial group. After all, you are just humans. Why not wipe out the true problem on this planet, humanity itself. And when that is acomplished, we, those of dragon’s blood, will take our rightful place as the rulers of this planet! Death to humanity! Death will come for you all upon dragon’s wings and in the form of dragonfire. Cry for the coming darkness…


  19. No, humanity must be eradicated so that we, the cat-people may rule!!!

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